Review – Taking Control (Kerr Chronicles #2) by Jen Frederick

September 5, 2015 Review 0

Review – Taking Control (Kerr Chronicles #2) by Jen Frederick

I thought I needed only one thing in my life--the money and power to crush one man. But the moment I laid eyes on Victoria Corielli, my thirst for revenge was replaced by my craving for her.

No rule would keep me away; no obstacle too large to overcome. Not her will, not our differing social positions, not my infamous past. When she lost everything, I helped her pick up the pieces. When she trusted me with everything, she sealed her fate.

I've convinced Victoria she can put her heart in my hands. Now I have to protect it--from her shady stepfather and my business rivals, from enemies known and hidden. I'll do anything to keep her. And I might have to prove it, because now Victoria's risking more than her heart to be with me; she's risking her life.

Title: Taking Control
Author: Jen Frederick
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Losing Control, Revealed to Him
Series: Kerr Chronicles
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Losing Control, Revealed to Him
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: August 4 2015
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 280
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Hot Mama, Tiny is one lucky girl. I’m with Frank. Where can I get one of Ian?

Usually I’m not impressed with a follow-up read, especially the second one, but I couldn’t put this down, just like the first. In fact, after developing the story in the first (Losing Control), I almost prefer this one…almost.

Drama, Drama, Drama and lots of it. That would pretty much sum up what happens in this second installment. The even better part? We get to read it from Ian’s POV!!!! Ok, and some of Tiny’s too, but what. ever. After being left with a little bit of that cliffhanger in Losing Control, this pretty much picks right up and barrels full steam ahead.

Ian is trying to give yup his plans for revenge, but Tiny feels inadequate because she feels she needs to give Ian “something” in return for all his given her. Ian’s jumped, Tiny’s threatened and so the chaos begins. Of course Tiny tries hiding some things, as well as Ian, but in the end, truth prevails, unites and only strengthens their love.

Sad to see this one come to an end. I’m REALLY crossing my fingers that there is a spin off with Kaga’s story. Now THAT’S a story I want to know about. Hint hint 😉

Would I recommend this story? DUH!!! I’m just really sad that it’s taken me so long to figure out it even existed.

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