Review: Taking the Stage (Soulgirls #2) by Heather Long

August 9, 2013 Review 0

Review: Taking the Stage (Soulgirls #2) by Heather Long

"When the tiger meets his tamer, hot doesn t even scratch the surface. "

"Soulgirls, Book 2"

Roseatre takes one look at the white tigers that the stage manager has brought in to shake things up at the Midnight Mystery Lounge, and nearly has a heart attack. It doesn t matter that the beautiful creatures handler raises her pulse and makes her want to purr. The tigers are sure to recognize her and arouse her need for the hunt.

Pride outcast Anthony diNapoli wasn t expecting to encounter an Amazon princess when he brought his white tigers to the lounge. The lucrative show will go a long way toward securing his future, but not if he gives in to the urge to make her submit to his dominance, and claim her as his mate.

No matter how desperately her body aches for the sun-kissed stranger and his completely lickable abs, Roseatre is no man s prize. Yet she finds herself hungering for Anthony to defeat her and take her for his own.

It s show time in the Arcana Royale s Midnight Mystery Lounge and all bets are off.

Warning: Contains sword fights, shackles, sexy showgirls, and a game of dominance between a determined weretiger and an Amazon who refuses to submit. Blades, bliss and battles, oh my!

Title: Taking the Stage
Author: Heather Long
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Author
Published: August 13, 2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 133
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Stars: three-stars

Taking the Stage is the first book I’ve read in Heather Long’s Soulgirls series. With that being said I do think it easily works as a stand alone. I do not believe I missed anything by not having read the first one. There were only a couple of small references to Into the Spotlight and the main character from that one. I loved the idea behind the setting for the series. A casino in Vegas that caters to paranormal clientele. You just know there are good times to be had there along with some very sexy not so human beings.

Anthony and Roseatre just happen to be some of those very sexy not so human beings. Roseatre is one of the performers in the Midnight Mystery Lounge. Anthony is a new hire that has been brought in along with his performing tigers to bring some new flare to the performance. Flare is not the only thing he adds to the stage. He just so happens to add some crazy sexual tension into Roseatre’s life. Roseatre doesn’t want the extra anything in her life. She has her job and her obligations to her Tribe. Its enough. The big cats and their overly sexy handler are a distraction that she doesn’t want.

The one major thing that really boggled me with this sexy showgirl short was Roseatre’s reaction to finding out which cat was really on stage performing with her. I know with the books I read that I have to suspend some of my beliefs for maximum enjoyment. The moment Roseatre flips out on Anthony I wanted to know about her reality beliefs. She is afterall working in a paranormal casino. She had to know the incredibly sexy man with the big cats was going to be something other than human.

Favorite quote, Anthony to Roseatre: “Yes, but please feel free to bite me anytime you want me to poke you.”

The playfulness of cat shifters always make them such a pleasure to read. The purring happens to be hella-sexy as well. Anthony is both and so much more.

Heather Long


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