Review: A Taste of Scarlet (Treeland Pack Tales #1) by Evanne Lorraine

October 22, 2014 Review 2

Review: A Taste of Scarlet (Treeland Pack Tales #1) by Evanne Lorraine
A rare Omega wolf with the gift of healing, Scarlet’s wolf connection shattered while held captive by a pack of rogue Alphas. A broken wolf link put her out of the mating game. But determined to serve a pack in need of her healing, she searches for the legendary werewolf whisperer on the chance he can work the miracle she needs.
Warning: This story contains a ridiculously dominant alpha male and a good woman with a sassy mouth and steely determination beneath generous curves. There’s politically incorrect sex and a little bondage.
Title: A Taste of Scarlet
Author: Evanne Lorraine
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Series: Treeland Pack Tales #1
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: January 7th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 152
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
Paranormals are always my favorite and when I am given the chance to read one, especially by an author I enjoy, my answer will always be yes. A Taste of Scarlet fit the bill perfectly for me. I found it to be a well-rounded story with the perfect blend of romance, passion and secrecy. A nice slow build up with a happy ending and of course a whole bunch of werewolves. This book was perfect way for me to spend a few hours.
Daniel and Scarlet are the perfect characters. That is despite their flaws, issues and a oopsie bonding. Scarlet has had some fairly bad things happen to her. Daniel, while being an Alpha also has had a less than perfect life. We do get hints of what Daniel and Scarlet went through to make them what they are I but it isn’t confirmed until the end. I know some people may not like big reveals at the end of the book, but I for one do. When all the big issues are revealed at the beginning I feel all the cards have been played and there is nothing left to expect. Thankfully, that is not the case here. On top of a good plot line, there is some sex that is smoldering hot yet still tastefully written.  There’s a touch of BDSM but nothing too heavy to scare off anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading it. Frankly, I found all the characters, including the secondaries, to be refreshing and especially liked how each one of them kept me on my toes. My personal favorite was Harrison. I definitely would like to read more about him.
I’ve read several books by author Evanne Lorraine and frankly she is quickly turning into an addiction for me. Between her characters and her stories I find she more than satisfies this reader’s tastes in books. A Taste of Scarlet, read the Treeland Pack Tales, and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

A Taste of Scarlet

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  1. Susan W.

    I haven’t read this author yet so I’m going to have to check this book out. Thanks for the review!