Review: Temporal Shift (Blood Hunter #4) by Nina Croft

November 27, 2014 Review 0

Review: Temporal Shift (Blood Hunter #4) by Nina Croft

Select Otherworld presents an all-new romance that's out of this world...

Caught between destiny and desire...

After diving into a black hole in search of the source of Meridian, the key to immortality, the crew of the Blood Hunter finds themselves stranded in an alternate universe.

Engineer Devlin Stark doesn't want immortality. He just wants to live long enough to get his revenge on the man who murdered his brother. Now, he's trapped in a strange world with a crazy woman who claims he's fated to be her lover.

Saffira Lourdes has a destiny: to save humanity and lead her exiled people to the Promised Land. Haunted by visions of the past and future, she's been sustained through the years by a dream lover. Unfortunately, Devlin doesn't believe in fate. But it's obvious there's a connection between them, one that will soon be tested by the limits of time and space. Saffira is about to make the crew of the Blood Hunter an offer they'll find impossible to refuse.

They're heading back to Earth, and they're going back in time...

Title: Temporal Shift
Author: Nina Croft
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Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: November 17, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Pages: 368
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

I have very mixed feeling for this book.  First – I am not sure why I chose a book four in a series I haven’t read.  Unusual for me – unless I am not aware it is part of a series at the time I choose it. But well, here I am.  I do have to say, while I was reading it, I didn’t really have the sense that it was a series until near the end.  It seemed to read okay as a stand-alone.  Although I did have some passing thoughts of, “how and when did the other couples get together?”  A usual indication of a series.  But really, things were explained enough that I was okay.  One does not really expect extensive back story on secondary characters, summary back story is enough.

The featured characters, Devlin and Saffira were developed for this story.  However, the development was – um – jerky I guess is a good word.  Time travel can mess with the mind of both the characters and this reader.  It was an integral part of the story and the time frames referenced were extremely mind boggling, to the point of being a bit unbelievable for me.  I mean, ten thousand years? (Secondary character – Thorne.)  I find it difficult to wrap my mind around it.  At least this concept was addressed somewhat in the story.  For Saffira we are talking about only fifteen hundred years, but even that . . .

This story not only had the reader trying to follow as they traveled back and forth through time and space, but wondering what was “destiny”  and what was free will and/or manipulation.  I found it hard to comprehend at times.  I felt that there was too much thrown into this story for it to be very enjoyable for me.  My mind hurt.

Now that I am fully aware this was part of a series, I am left wondering, would it have made more sense or had more meaning for me if I had read the earlier books?  But since the other characters also referenced time shifts in their lives, maybe not so much.  My mind may hurt just as much with those stories.

I normally enjoy science fiction and time travel, but this one just left me scratching my head.  I prefer to read for entertainment and total escapism.  This story seemed to want me to think.  Ouch!  If you don’t mind trying to come to terms with cosmic “temporal shifts” constantly happening, and how they will affect the universe in general and the individual in particular, then you may enjoy this story.  It was just too esoteric for me.


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