Review: Tempted by the Night (Envy Chronicles #6.5) by Colleen Gleason

October 17, 2015 Review 0

Review: Tempted by the Night (Envy Chronicles #6.5) by Colleen Gleason

Fifty years after civilization as we know it is destroyed, the world is a different place: filled with immortal Strangers wearing powerful crystals, overgrown roads and cities, and the sad, desperate zombies that roam the earth.

But some things haven't changed... and when two old friends become involved in a life-threatening situation, they start to realize that maybe there is more to their friendship than just memories… Luke Desmond broke off his engagement and left town when he realized he was about to marry the wrong sister. Marisa Bengotti couldn’t forgive him for breaking her sister’s heart…and for not knowing that he’d always held hers. When Luke reappears, in danger and on the run from bounty hunters, Marisa finds herself caught in a web of danger and deceit, putting at risk not only a secret collection she has sworn to protect, but also her bruised heart. With the bounty hunters closing in, Marisa and Luke join together in a dangerous game that could keep their world from being destroyed…but will their hearts survive?

Title: Tempted by the Night
Author: Colleen Gleason, Joss Ware
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal, Night Forbidden, Night Resurrected, Abandon the Night, Night Betrayed
Series: Envy Chronicles #6.5
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal, Abandon the Night, Night Betrayed
Published by Harper Collins
Source: Author
Published: January 11, 2015
Genres: Apocalypse, Dystopain, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 82
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

Marisa is a sweet nerdish girl who is keeper of the library in River Vale. Luke broke off his engagement to Marisa’s sister and left town and he’s back… back at the same time MITs (Men in Trucks) also pay a visit to River Vale. Both have secrets they are trying to protect, ones of the heart and ones that can get them kill.

Just when I was having withdrawals from the Envy series, Tempted by the Night pops up and gives me a exciting moment to step back into this dystopian society I have come to love. Marisa is just a sweetie and yet there’s this feisty kitten side when it comes to Luke. He, on the other hand, I was expecting to be a jerk since he ditched her sister on their wedding day. Nope, he’s actually comes off as being very noble…once you get the full story. There’s a daring side to her that comes out when she and Luke work together to further the Resistance and yes, there’s just enough time for some romance along the way.

Bonus points for a revisit of some past characters, including one of my favorite bad (but not evil!) MITs, that can make a first time reader to this series curious. For those of us who been following the series all along very happy and leave us begging for more. And more there will be because if you read the book to the very end, you will see a note from Ms. Gleason stating there will be four more Envy books. I personally cannot wait!

Tempted by the Night reads well as a stand-alone and is a great taste into this series. I, however recommend reading the whole series from the very beginning. With all the world building and interesting characters, it’s sure to please everyone’s palette. If you’re going to try out a dystopian series for the very first time, the Envy Chronicles is a great place to start.


Tempted by the Night

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