Review – Tempted & Taken (Haven Brotherhood #4) by Rhenna Morgan

November 23, 2017 Review 0

Review – Tempted & Taken (Haven Brotherhood #4) by Rhenna Morgan

There's no code Knox Torren can't break. He knows no limits when it comes to uncovering intel, especially on anyone who crosses his family. But a skip tracer with a sketchy history presents a puzzle he can't solve. When he finally meets the statuesque blonde with the intoxicating Russian accent, he'll try anything to unearth her secrets.

Darya Volkova has been living under an assumed identity for years. Searching for a job that will take her out of the dangerous life she's built, she has her sights set on Knox: the best hacker in the business. From their first meeting, though, something far more intimate than a professional connection develops.

Darya must overcome still-healing wounds to trust that Knox will take care of her in all the ways she needs. And Knox will do whatever it takes to make sure whatever—or whomever—she's running from never touches his woman again.

Title: Tempted & Taken
Author: Rhenna Morgan
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Series: Haven Brotherhood
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Published by Carina Press
Source: Author
Published: November 20th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 432
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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You know when you pick up a book in a series you love and are ridiculously giddy, doing everything in your power to ignore life so you can read the book? That would be exactly what I did with this book. And oh my goodness how I’ve missed these men. I can’t believe how effortless it was, diving right back in, like it hasn’t been a while. Sigh…these Haven men.

KNOX!!!!!!! Yep, the one and only. The coder, the hacker, the businessman, the friend…the dominant one. If you’ve been following this series, then you know that this story was one that we’ve been waiting to read for a while. We’ve known that Knox had some things happen in his past that helped “sculpt” the man he is today. In this book, we learn just what those things are. Being a player, never committing to one female, has been his motif for quite some time. That is until he’s propositioned by a woman who’s identity doesn’t mesh and she becomes the puzzle he’s dying to solve.

Darya isn’t exactly who she says she is. It’s not like she’s taking on a new personality or anything. Just an new identity. Why? Well, you’re gonna have to read this to find out. But I’ll say this much. Asking Knox for help is one sure way to NOT stay hidden. After all, he loves getting past Firewalls. But is Darya ready to face her past in order to have a future? She’d be dumb not to.

The way this story develops is perfect. We not only get to know who Darya is, we get a better glimpse at what type of man Knox really is. The chemistry between Darya and Knox is obvious and bound to happen. But it’s the “feels” that go along with it that make this so wonderful. Usually when we read about HEA’s, it’s the female we’re always happiest for. Not with this one. Not with these men. It’s Knox who I’m happiest for. So. Dang. Happy.

This was so good!!! We get to visit with the Haven men again, but we even get to meet new characters that I’m finding myself obsessed with. But back to Knox…you guys have no idea how much further in love you’re going to fall for him. You thought you loved Trevor? Buckle up and hold on to that eReader.

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