Review: The Alpha’s Temporary Mate (Fated Match #3) by Victoria Davies

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Review: The Alpha’s Temporary Mate (Fated Match #3) by Victoria Davies

Fated Match has spent centuries pairing supernatural mates together. Witch and matchmaker, Chloe Donovan, takes pride in helping her clients find their happy endings. But when werewolf alpha and millionaire playboy Kieran Clearwater stalks into her office, she may have finally met the one man she can’t help.

Kieran has no intention of finding his mate. Love is a weakness he can't afford. But with his pack growing more concerned over his single status he, needs to assure them all is well. What better way to do so than to hire a fake girlfriend he can parade around at the annual pack retreat?

Chloe is coerced into becoming the wolf’s temporary mate, but she’s determined to keep their agreement professional. But her seductive partner in crime has other ideas, and his considerable charm makes it difficult for her to keep her eye on the prize. While these two burn hot when they’re together, behind-the-scenes politics work to rip them apart.

Title: The Alpha's Temporary Mate
Author: Victoria Davies
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Series: Fated Match #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Dying to Date
Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Author
Published: November 9, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 240
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

When I saw the next book in Victoria Davies’ Fated Match series was coming out, I started snoopy dancing. I read the second book and fell in love with her characters and plot. A dating service for supernaturals, you just know it’s going to be filled with romance and laughter. The title alone, The Alpha’s Temporary Mate, suggested this was going to be a entertaining tale. So I sat back, relaxed and started to read….AND LOVED IT!

Sparks were fly from Chloe and Keiran from the get go…and not in a good way. Keiran wanting a temporary mate went against everything Chloe worked hard to do at Fated Mates. Every potential mate she presented was just not a right fit, until Keiran realized Chloe would be perfect for the job. So she steps up to the plate and the charade goes live. Now things get very entertaining!

Having read the previous Fated Match book, I pretty much knew what to expect; fun entertainment. What I didn’t expect was to not be able to put this book down. Chloe is such a romantic sweetheart but under that is a spine of steel! She was not going to back down from Keiran and bow to the Alpha in him. Keiran is the oppose of her, never having to give a inch and use to getting it his way. Except the pressure from his pack to mate that is. His way to get out of mating was fairly comical, trick his pack into thinking it’s a done deal and he found The One. You just know that’s not going to play out the way he planned.

The romance between them was very entertaining. Their connection had a nice gradual build that was peppered with laugh out loud moments as their battle of wills played out. Don’t think it’s all snorts and giggles. These two pretend lovebirds have dark secrets of which Chloe’s is the saddest. Poor abandoned girl, I just wanted to hug her. On top of the budding romance is a whole slew of secondary characters that added that extra oomph and I am eenie meenie miney moe-ing which one I would love to see get their story next (Please let it be Vivian!)

Folks, if you love your paranormal romances to keep you up all night because you can’t put it down, then this book is what you are looking for. It’s not necessary to read the books in the series from the beginning being that each book works very well as a stand-alone. However, considering how good they are, I recommend reading them all.


The Alpha's Temporary Mate

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“Vivian has me on the day shift for the duration of our time together, so my evenings will

be free.”

“For whatever I need?” His voice was pitched lower, the sound almost a physical caress along her skin.

She leveled her best disapproving look at Kieran and crossed her arms. “So, is this what normally works for you? A dash of charm and all the women trip over themselves to get to you?”

Instead of withering under her stare, Kieran merely curled his lips into an amused smile. “Usually.”

“Well, it won’t work on me.” Kieran leaned closer, crowding into her space. “It has to, my witch. When my pack is watching, you need to look at me like I’m the only one in the world for you.”

“I can be a fine actress, thank you very much. I won’t give us away.”

He snorted. “I haven’t known you long, but even I know you can’t lie to save your life.”

She blinked at the words. It was true she’d never been very gifted at deception, but that wasn’t an insight

she’d expected him to have—not based on their limited relationship. Unease tugged at her as she realized Kieran saw more than she intended him to. It was so easy to write him off as a spoiled playboy, she tended to forget he was much more than that.

The man before her ran a powerful, dangerous pack with an iron fist. He’d weathered challenges to his leadership and threats from intruders. If she ripped open his shirt she had no doubt she’d see scars from his many battles marring his golden skin. She needed to remember Kieran wasn’t a man to be trifled with.

He was a predator, and she very much wanted to avoid being prey.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to this charade if I wasn’t confident I could do it,” she said, swallowing hard.

Kieran moved, trapping her between his arms as he gripped the railing on either side of her body.

“You can’t jump when I touch you,” he breathed against her ear. “You can’t look at me like a wayward schoolboy in need of a reprimand.” He drew back enough to meet her gaze. “We’re supposed to be lovers. There wouldn’t be a single inch of your skin I wouldn’t have run my lips over.”

Heat suffused her face.

“There, you see? You blush when I’m close.”

“I don’t,” she denied, lifting her chin.

Kieran snorted. “People will take one look at us and know we’re pretending. If we’d really been lovers for months, there’s no way you’d still look so goddamn innocent.”

“Maybe I’d teach you a thing or two instead. Ever think of that, wolf boy?”

A chuckle rumbled from his wide chest. “Witchling, if you ever want to try and teach me something new in the

bedroom, I promise I’ll be a most diligent student.”

Her cheeks were on fire despite her desire to remain unaffected by Kieran. He was right, damn him, she needed to stop acting like a giddy teen when he touched her.

“I’ll work on it,” she growled, pushing at him to force him back. “By tomorrow I’ll be ready.”

Author Bio:Temporary Mate

Victoria Davies’s passion for writing started young. Luckily she had a family who encouraged believing in magic and embracing imagination. From stories quickly scribbled in diaries, her love of storytelling developed. Since then her characters may have evolved and her plots may have grown decidedly more steamy but she never lost her love of the written word. Writing is not only a way to silence the wonderful voices in her head, but it also allows her to share her passions with her readers.


Currently she writes from Toronto, Canada. While she has a healthy love for the unknown, this corner of the world will always be her home.


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