Review: The Alternate by Jay Kohl

May 14, 2016 Review 0

Review: The Alternate by Jay Kohl

Two men can take her to the stars…but she can choose only one.

With Earth long ago disintegrated into dust, Dr. Darla Wynter has been given the honor—more like a last, desperate hope—of choosing a compatible mate to join her seedbearer mission to save humankind from extinction.

She quickly realizes this will be no simple task. Golden-haired Marcus Olsen moves like a dancer in battle, and his pale eyes capture her like a tractor beam. Brad Hunter’s hauntingly dark features and bottomless obsidian gaze hint at secrets she shouldn’t want to know.

Both men are perfect potential mates. Both men are driven to join her on this critical quest. And both men share something else she never expected. Something that quickly turns her dispassionate, clinical decision into a heart-wrenching dilemma.

As the countdown to launch looms closer, Darla realizes forming a bond with one man will force her to leave one man behind—and break more than one heart. Unless she can change the rules so everyone wins…

Warning: Contains the kind of job interview that isn’t for the squeamish—or the prudish. Please affix your oxygen mask before reading to prevent hyperventilation.

Title: The Alternate
Author: Jay Kohl
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 17, 2016
Genres: Apocalypse, Erotic Fantasy Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotic Sci Fi Romance, Fantasy Romance, Menage, Romance, Sci Fi Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 50 pages
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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In a post apocalyptic galaxy where Earth is no longer there, Dr. Darla Wynter has been chosen to be a seedbearer.  Her mission: to save humankind from extinction by choosing a compatible mate and procreating. Preferably, females.  As a research scientist, she sees the uphill battle earthlings face, and it’s far from simple mating. Her research isn’t particularly promising, time is of the essence, and she understands the severity of the problem. She’s presented with two possible mates, Marcus and Brad.
Darla must “interview” each candidate and then make an appropriate choice.  She is hopeful she will have some sort of attraction or spark with one of them.  She is unprepared for both of the men to be jaw-dropping and sparks flying!!
Both men have the credentials and are driven to be her mate on this quest. Should it matter that the men are best-friends too, and have enjoyed each others benefits? When what should have been an easy, calculated choice turns to an emotional rollercoaster, Darla realizes more is at play than just a choice of mate. How can she choose just one when it clearly will cause so many repercussions of them all?

I was very intrigued with this world Jay Kohl has created.  Setting the scene can take time but this was accomplished without too much wording.  We are given background and future endeavors while the story is taking shape. I feel I got to know Darla and how she is. Yes, this is a very short book, but a lot happened within these pages! I probably would’ve liked a little more insight to the past of the men, but it wasn’t essential to the story taking place. This was Darla’s story.

The sex scenes were ultra-hot and when the three got going-wow scorch my kindle!!  How can choices be made once these types of connections are made?  I truly felt Darla’s misery at having to choose just one! What does she do? Pick this little gem up today and find out!!  I am hopeful we will be treated to other books that take place within this intriguing world!



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