Review: The Athletic Aesthetic by Vanessa Wu, Emerald, Lexie Bay, Lisa Fox, Maylin James

August 31, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Athletic Aesthetic by Vanessa Wu, Emerald, Lexie Bay, Lisa Fox, Maylin James

The best athletes must demonstrate dedication and stamina on and off the field, and athletic prowess comes in many forms. From the racetrack to the gymnasium, The Athletic Aesthetic explores the eroticism of sport, as toned and limber athletes prove that they are at the very peak of their performance!

Title: The Athletic Aesthetic
Author: Emerald, Lexie Bay, Lisa Fox, Maylin James, Vanessa Wu
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Published by Sweetmeats Press
Source: Author
Published: August 31, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 241
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames

“It’s amazing what a passion for a sport can do.”

Athletic Aesthetic is guaranteed to have a little something for everyone. Five authors have collaborated to give readers some very hot reads. The sports include gymnastics, baseball, formula one, golf, and fencing. The sexy stories are on the kinky side and had Vanilla Vanessa blushing often.

Most of the pairings are male/female. The more males the merrier obviously as a couple of the stories go for menage and multiple partners. One of the tales has male couplings, but the future of some tense FemDom action is definitely there. A couple of the tales lead me to wonder if the authors will go into more detail for longer novellas featuring some of these characters in the future.

Be forewarned that while all the characters are happy and sated and enjoying the domination and submission that gets them off this is not a book of happily ever afters, but full of happy for nows.

Paranormal Romance
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