Review: The Billionaires (Lover’s Triangle #1) by Calista Fox

April 5, 2017 Review 0

Review: The Billionaires (Lover’s Triangle #1) by Calista Fox

100 Shades of Sin...

In The Billionaires, Calista Fox delivers a sexy and sensuous friends-to-lovers tale with a delicious love triangle twist.

Jewel Catalano, Rogen Angelini, and Vin D'Angelo had been childhood best friends, spending every possible moment with one another. Rogen became her first love, the first one to show her what pleasure could be. Until a volatile feud erupted between their powerful California wine country families and she and Rogen were torn apart from each other. What she didn't expect was to find comfort and passion like she had never known in Vin's arms and bed. But when that too ended in disaster, Jewel moved to San Francisco to work for the Catalano empire. Years later, a series of daring acquisitions brings Jewel back to River Cross, the hometown where Rogen and Vin have recently returned as well. Jewel has the curves, the smarts, and the success to bring any man to his knees—especially the two men who remained best friends and still burn to possess her.

Mixing family business with erotic pleasure ignites a smoldering love triangle. But in order to pull off the bold deal that will build the trios’ own legacy and to stay in their heady, sensual paradise, they must discover what true love really is—or lose everything their hearts' desire, in The Billionaires by Calista Fox.

Title: The Billionaires
Author: Calista Fox
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Series: Lover's Triangle #1
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Published by St Martin's
Source: Publisher
Published: April 4th 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336 pages
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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What a downright sizzling ride!  I loved this ménage book!!

Jewel Catalano wants a piece of property that is jointly owned by her family and the Angelini family.  There has been a feud between the families and neither will sell their half of the land to the other.  Jewel crashes an Angelini party to speak with the head of the Angelini family, Gian, about procuring the land in exchange for a rare Angelini scotch. She was prepared to see Gian, but when she sees Rogan, her childhood sweetheart, she’s transported back in time.  Rogan was her first love, but because of the feud, he was sent away to school in order to keep them apart.  Feelings hit her hard and she’s flustered.

As she’s leaving the party, she spots Rogan’s best friend, Vin, and was unprepared for the feelings he invoked as well. All her hurt feelings with him rise up and she lashes out. Rogan helps her and she’s at a loss. Rogan was unaware of the connection Jewel and Vin forged when he was away at school. He doesn’t understand but he can see there’s definitely something there. She feels the intense chemistry of both men and starts a dance she’s not sure she will survive.

Jewel tells them of her plan for the land. Neither believes the Angelini family will part with it, but Jewel is determined to develop the land and end the feud between the families. She’s arranged for a bit of bartering to have the bargaining chip needed to win the land. The men decide to travel with Jewel to get what she needs for the land. And boy does it lead them into some hot and steamy nights!! Both men realize what they had with Jewel was something rare.  They don’t want to give it up now that she’s back and neither does Jewel.  But really, what do they have?? And can they handle everything involved with having what they all clearly want?? They have some conflicting emotions but decide to see where their arrangement leads them.

Jewel caves to her cravings of these two so very different lovers.  Her attraction for each was off the charts! Rogan is sweet, gentle, and caring, where Vin is demanding, rougher, and adventurous.  They both bring out a different side of her character. They both hurt her in the past and she’s unsure of how to deal with her emotions that have been buried for a decade. Between Rogan’s need to please and Vin’s need to possess, she’s got the best of both worlds and I really liked how the author dealt with her conflicting emotions. I felt them. And to do that is great writing!

I definitely was entertained with the storyline. It was intriguing and I liked how everything developed. I didn’t feel the story was forced nor was the sex just thrown in. Everything fit. Pretty quickly the threesome acknowledged they couldn’t live without each other.  But there is a lot of people who like to spread gossip just to hurt. It was overwhelming, but they also knew what they have is not an everyday thing and it was worth fighting for.  Yes logistics need to be addressed, and the idea of something considered taboo, but they were willing to try to do that for each other.

The Billionaires has the right mix of intrigue and sexy scenes that make you want them to succeed. The use of secondary characters helps keep the story moving and fresh. The families and best friends both gave insight to this story and hints at future reads! I loved that the three figured out how to communicate with each other and gave the acceptance needed of the past, and a hope for a future.

I read a lot of ménage books and this is one of the standouts!



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