Review: The Captain’s Pet (Alien Slave Masters #1) by Samantha Cayto

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Review: The Captain’s Pet (Alien Slave Masters #1) by Samantha Cayto

When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.

In a not-too-distant future, a lopsided war has led to aliens invading and occupying an Earth settlement. Wid is a young colonist who has been caught harassing the aliens. He and his friends are rounded up and sent to an alien warship patrolling the disputed space. His fate is to serve as a sex slave for the ship’s imposing captain. Wid, at first, fights against his enslavement, but soon learns that not only does he stand no chance against the much larger and stronger captain, he isn’t sure he even wants to.

Like all Travian males, Kell is bound by duty to defend his people. Having risen to the rank of captain, he nevertheless chafes against the boring and endless patrol of the space invaded by the humans. His misses his family and constantly guards against his scheming first officer. He sees his reward of a human sex slave as more of a nuisance. Yet the pretty, fair-haired human’s exotic allure is hard to resist. He finds far more pleasure in the use of his pet than he would like.

Kept naked and leashed, Wid’s days are filled with boredom, while his nights wrapped in Kell’s arms turn from fear into pleasure. Even as the humans plot their escape, Wid and Kell form a bond and their growing affection cannot be ignored. When tensions boil over among the aliens, Wid and his friends may be Kell and his crew’s only chance for survival.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sex scenes of both non-consensual and dubious consent, as well as scenes of violence, abuse and torture.

Title: The Captain's Pet
Author: Samantha Cayto
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Series: Alien Slave Masters #1
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: June 2, 2015
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Erotic Sci Fi Romance, M/M Erotica
Pages: 194
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: five-flames
I received this book for free from the Publisher or Author in exchange for an honest review, or I purchased it with my own funds. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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When Earth has become over inhabited, the humans move on to nearby planets to survive. Now on Seven, the human settlement is being intruded upon by aliens, the Travians. With nothing much left to do on a planet whose resources are slowly dwindling, Wid turns his frustration into harassing the aliens. Too bad he never realized how far these aliens would go when handling humans who have pushed the boundaries past the Travian rule.

If you are skittish when it comes to non-consensual, dubious consent as well as abuse and torture then stop reading and move on. If you like dark books that have a somewhat of a happy ending, well as much as a dark book can give you, then you will enjoy this novel. The title and the blurb of this novel really says it all. This is not a sweet story but a journey of survival and learning to understand and maybe even love those who are different and considered enemies.

Sci-Fi Romance has never really been my forte and it’s something that was always hard for me to read. But in this story I liked the fierce determination that the captured men had in escaping and finding a way home. There was abuse and torture but it is what happens in war or POWs. Although these Travian men were given human pets, some did not want them but they did take care with them to an extent. The captain of the ship, Kell, chose Wid and made sure his fellow officers did not beat the slaves.

Kell did everything he could for Wid and he slowly began to care deeply for his pet. After a series of events the humans and the Travians come to a truce while on the ship and hope was renewed by Kell promising that they could visit their home land. It is amazing what the human mind can go through yet still be strong enough to make choices that will benefit them in the end. This book proves how strong humans really are!

Overall, this novel was an intense read yet surprisingly well-written. It has subjects that are hard to go over but in a kidnap story, the events cannot be glanced over. But in this story there is enough to just hint on what the “pets” went through but not too much where it will be overwhelming.

I was gifted a copy of this book from the JeepDiva in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and ratings are solely my own.


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