Review: The Dead Seekers (Dead Seekers #1) by Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

January 12, 2017 Review 0

Review: The Dead Seekers (Dead Seekers #1) by Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

In the New York Times bestselling Noble Dead saga, Barb and J.C. Hendee created an engrossing mix of “intrigue, epic fantasy, and horror.”* Now, they present a bold new series set in the same world, where the destinies of two hunters shaped by the shadows of their pasts are about to collide...

In the dark reaches of the eastern continent, Tris Vishal travels from village to village, using his power to put unsettled spirits to rest. He works alone, having learned that letting people close only leads to more death. Still, he finds himself accepting the help of the Móndyalítko woman who saves his life—a woman whose gifts are as much a burden as his own.

Mari Kaleja thirsted for vengeance since the night her family was taken from her. She has searched far and wide for the one she thinks responsible, known only as “The Dead’s Man.” But before she can kill him, she has to be sure. Mari hopes traveling with Tris will confirm her suspicions. But as they embark on a hunt where the living are just as dangerous as the dead, she learns the risks of keeping your enemy close...

Because it’s no longer clear who is predator and who is prey.

Title: The Dead Seekers
Author: Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee
Series: Dead Seekers
Published by Berkley
Source: Publisher
Published: January 3, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Ghost Story, Paranormal
Pages: 336
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: zero-flames
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As a child, Mari’s family was murdered in front of her. The only thing that has kept her going is vengeance. She has been looking for the one called “The Dead’s Man” who she suspects is the responsible one. Mari thinks she has found the killer with Tris, she just needs to be sure. Tris travels from village to village helping put spirits to rest. After being saved by Mari, he asks for her help as he travels to the next village. What they encounter tests Mari’s beliefs and gives her more insight to what really happened when her family died.

As my first book by authors Barb and J.C. Hendee let me just say Whoa! The Dead Seekers was such a awesome read. There’s not a lot of world building here and I can only guess it’s because it is a spin-off from a previous series. Nevertheless, I had no problem keeping up. Actually, what is lacking in world-building is more than made up for in Tris and Mari’s history. That alone gave me plenty of info to understand this world. Then there is the mystery surrounding Tris. Sorry Mari, as much as I really liked her character, it was Tris that had my undivided attention. ‘…my Tris …me Tris …I Tris…’ OMG! That is so creepy!

The concept of the book, the cover and the blurb is what initially drew me in. See normally I’m not into ghost stories nor am I a fan of anything that feels remotely historical. However, Tris’s latest adventure hunting spirits in Soladran, Mari’s connection to Tris, and the mystery around Heil has caught me and I want to read more. What is going to happen next to them, who and what lies beyond that black whirlpool, I am dying to know! Filled with all these twist and turns I had a hard time putting The Dead Seekers down and I’m sure lovers of paranormal stories are going to love this series.



The Dead Seekers
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