Review : The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill Novel (Blue Spring Lake #1) by Jude Deveraux

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Review : The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill Novel (Blue Spring Lake #1) by Jude Deveraux

The first book of a new contemporary romance series set in the mountains of Virginia in a town with full of family legends, romance, and secrets from New York Times bestselling author of the Nantucket Brides trilogy.

Sparks fly as fiery Casey Reddick and brooding Hollywood actor Tate Landers clash in the Virginia summer heat. A chef who puts her career first and her love life second, Casey doesn’t see what every girl in town is swooning over. She made up her mind the moment she met Tate—he’s gorgeous, but stuck-up, nothing like his ex-brother-in-law, Devlin who’s playing the Wickham to Tate’s Darcy in local production of Pride & Prejudice. Casey makes the perfect Elizabeth Bennett—how could she be star-struck when she’s heard Devlin’s damning stories about Tate? As they rehearse together, however, Casey finds herself attracted to Tate—he’s much more down-to-earth than she expected and any physical contact between the two of them literally gives her a tingling, electric shock. As opening night draws near, Casey has some difficult decisions to make. Whom should she believe? The seemingly sincere, slighted Devlin or Tate, whose rough, arrogant exterior may only be skin deep. She’s come to love that jolt she gets when they touch—but will she get burned?

Title: The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill Novel
Author: Jude Deveraux
Series: Blue Spring Lake #1
Published by Ballantine Books
Source: Publisher
Published: 05/03/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Stars: three-half-stars
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When I was a teenager I loved Jude Deveraux’s books!! My friend and I were looking for them at our local library and we were almost fighting to know who would read them first!! That was the last time that I read a book from her.  When I saw this new series of Jude Deveraux I had to read it.  I could almost felt that same excitement that I did once upon a time when I was starting one of her books.

I have never read any Jane Austen novels (I will have to do so soon), so I was not able to fully enjoy what the author tried to do by using her work as a template and give it a modern twist.

Tate is the actor that all the women dream of.  He is strong and beautiful, always playing the hero.  He is a good man, his family is the most important thing on earth. Sometimes, he is quite arrogant, at other times he is genuine.  I enjoyed reading about him.  He is funny and confident, and he can be serious and tender. He was too perfect, as if it was just all about the icing and the cake was out of bound.  I would have loved to feel more emotions from him when he was sharing his story.

Casey is a cook, a really good cook that is living in a small house on Summer Hill plantation.  She is mostly doing catering and ended up cast as Lizzie in the local play. She was not planning to audition, but sometimes life is anything by predictable.  She had relationship issues mostly because she always wanted to prove herself and work was all she was focussing on.  While, I appreciate that the author gave us her relationships background stories, I did not have the feeling that she worked on her and changed that much in those 6 months.  She is an enjoyable character but she missed that depth, that soul searching.

Devlin is simply delicious.  It may sound kind of odd but he is the one that made a lasting impression.  He is the character that we got to know at alittle deeper and travel into his world.  It was fascinating!

A lot of events were magically happening as if those characters had a lot of Ah Ah moments in a short period.  Even though  I believe in Ah Ah, I feel that it kept the story superficial VS talking to my heart and soul.  It would be like a mainstream movie that is too polished and failed to connect with our emotions.

The story line was good, but it was missing something to be great.  The writing was excellent, but the soul missing in some scenes.  It is one of these books that seemed perfect but failed to make a lasting impression.  The play scene was very long and could have used more action to make it really alive.

It was a good book, I will most likely read the next one, I am not jumping up and down, but I had a great time reading it.


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