Review: The God Code: Nephilim Prophecy by Adrienne Wilder

March 31, 2015 Review 0

Review: The God Code: Nephilim Prophecy by Adrienne Wilder

For twenty years the Covenant between Serenity and Chaos has stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, but left mankind vulnerable to the Demonic.

And warriors like Indigo Black, a Palet, a man cursed with the ability to kill and see the Demonic, have been forbidden from seeking out the evil walking among men and destroying it.

The one time Indigo dare challenge the Covenant to save an a human life, the Church punished him by breaking the wings of his Guardian Angel and lover, Ariel, and cast him out of heaven. Living with the burden of his guilt has cost Indigo everything.

Then the death of a mentor begins to unravel a deadly secret. The Demonic have some how created a Nephilim who has a human soul and is capable of being possessed by the most powerful members of the Demonic Parliament. A vessel who would allow the Demonic to walk the mortal plain.

With the Covenant broken, Indigo must win the battle go protect an innocent who holds the fate of mankind, and win an all out war to save his heart.

Title: Nephilim Prophecy
Author: Adrienne Wilder
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Series: God Code
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: March 9, 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 299
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

This is one of those books that while I enjoyed so much of it the words to explain why seem so far out of reach.  The first thing that I must point out is that there really isn’t a perfect genre box to stick Nephilim Prophecy into. Wilder has combined fantasy, paranormal, and touch of romance in this fascinating read.

There was a point in Indigo Black’s life when he knew exactly who he was working for and what he was protecting. Since he came into the Church as one of the Palets many things have changed and his beliefs have followed in these changes. The things he is supposed to be protecting innocents from seem to have more power than he does. He is frustrated by the fact that the Covenant that has been put in place ties his hands more than protects the innocent from the Demonic and their evil ways. He has also seen the destruction that punishments can hand down when the lines that are crossed are blurred. Indigo is still suffering the guilt of his Guardian, his Angel, his lover, his Fallen, his Ariel’s punishment for a deed Indigo committed.

So many things are black and white for Indigo. He sees good and evil. He sees things as right and wrong. The death of a friend makes him start questioning things more than ever before. Things are not as they appear and with the creation of something that shouldn’t exist, someone that needs protecting, Indigo soon finds himself thrown in the middle of the beginnings of the biggest war Chaos and Serenity will ever face. The future that has been foretold states who will not be the victor of this battle.

All of the elements for epically awesome read are here. Good vs evil and the wild card that will change everything ever known. I’m beyond eager to get my hands on the next God Code book. There are so many different directions this series can go and I have no clue which direction it is headed at this point.

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