Review: The Key by Geraldine O’Hara

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Review: The Key by Geraldine O’Hara

How can a pair of stockings, a PVC corset and a set of high heels make me change so drastically? On a mad whim, I purchased a pair of fishnet stockings from my local newsagents. After putting them on and instantly changing from Plain Jane Smith into someone totally different, I ordered one hundred pairs online. And a PVC corset. And a set of mile-high heels. Chantal Rossi was born. French, confident, sexy and wanton—this side of me was nothing like the woman I’d been before those sassy clothes had touched my body. I wanted sex, but the problem was, I didn’t know where to go and get it. Nightclubs and pubs didn’t appeal. Neither did an online dating agency. But trawling the newspaper and seeing the wanted ads was a whole other story… After arranging to meet with a stranger, I slid on my saucy clothes and prepared myself for the journey of my life—to become the key that fitted into his lock. Or, more to the point, to make sure his key fitted into my lock…

Title: The Key
Author: Geraldine O'Hara
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 2 August, 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 61
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Stars: four-stars
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Meet Jane; she is bored, wants a man and has suddenly found her sexy in the form of fishnet stockings that she purchased at the corner shop.  Not one for half-measures, she ordered one hundred pairs of the same stockings, bought a new pair of saucy high heels and a latex corset. Not sure where she will find this new man, she purchases a pile of newspapers and scours the want ads.

David has placed an advert to meet a woman, and unlike the others, he has left a mobile number for contact.  Jane can’t see herself being sexy, or wearing the new sexy outfits, so she ‘becomes’ Chantal Rossi, bad and intermittent French accent included, as she practically dares David to meet her. Fun and funny to read, with the narration in Jane’s voice being near perfect mix of desire, reticence and outright self-defeating, she and David make an instant connection.  When she is not worried about being the reserved and often tongue-tied Jane, her confidence and bravado are clever and sexy, and it is that confidence and bravado that David is most drawn to. With a couple of giggle-inducing seduction set-ups, and one small knicker incident (they were ‘ripped off’ yet magically appear again) the sexy scenes are steamy, their interactions appear to be both natural and honest, and the ending offers fans of the HEA something to look forward to. Kallysten


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