Review: The Lion and the Crow by Eli Easton

October 7, 2016 Review 0

Review: The Lion and the Crow by Eli Easton

In medieval England, duty is everything, personal honor is more valued than life itself, and homosexuality is not tolerated by the church or society.

Sir Christian Brandon was raised in a household where he was hated for his unusual beauty and for his parentage. Being smaller than his six brutish half-brothers, he learned to survive by using his wits and his gift for strategy, earning him the nickname the Crow.

Sir William Corbett, a large and fierce warrior known as the Lion, has pushed his unnatural desires down all his life. He’s determined to live up to his own ideal of a gallant knight. When he takes up a quest to rescue his sister from her abusive lord of a husband, he’s forced to enlist the help of Sir Christian. It’s a partnership that will test every strand of his moral fiber, and, eventually, his understanding of the meaning of duty, honor, and love.

Title: The Lion and the Crow
Author: Eli Easton
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Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: January 19, 2015
Genres: Historical Romace, Male Male Romance
Pages: 146
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Stars: four-stars
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I don’t read a lot of historical romances but the few books that I’ve read from Eli Easton have been very enjoyable reads. The blurb for The Lion and the Crow intrigued me. I purchased it.  Read it in one sitting.

Easton takes her readers to 1300, England for this romance. Sir William Corbett has gone to the more powerful Lord Brandon to ask men to stand with him when he demands his sister be released to him from her awful marriage. What he gets it the lords youngest son, the Crow. Christian may be the youngest of the Brandon’s but he has had to fight for everything he has ever gained. His brothers never made anything easy for him and he earned his Knighthood by being cunning and wily.

The setting is 1300, England so the journey to William’s sister is on horseback and lengthy. The weeks it takes them to get there allows for their relationship to progress at a pace that makes sense for this time period. There was no place for homosexuality then and it was something both men were raised to believe is wrong. William and Christian are both attracted to men, to each other but they feel it is improper. Their thoughts towards each other soon become a very slippery slope and once they give in they know there is no going back.

The epilogue, I loved it and I hated it. This was the first time I’ve ever read THAT in an epilogue. Just get your box of tissue handy.

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