Review: The Marlboro Man (Men of the Sprawling A Ranch #2) by Anna Alexander

February 24, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Marlboro Man (Men of the Sprawling A Ranch #2) by Anna Alexander

For years Mark Webber was in love with his best friend’s girl, and it had become well past time for him to move on for greener pastures elsewhere. It didn't take him long to realize the Sprawling A was his home so now he’s back, ready to leave the past in the dust. While he was gone there had been some changes at the A, including a new ranch hand who comes with a sister that stirs Mark’s passions in ways he never felt before.

Gabriella Montoya has come to the ranch seeking shelter after a failed marriage. Not only is she welcomed with open arms, but she gains six big brothers. But one man doesn't look at her like he would a sister. Oh, no. Mark gazes at her with a heat and promise in his eyes, and damn if he doesn't deliver on every one. But Gabriella’s not certain she’s ready to embark on another relationship so soon with a man who has made no bones about wanting forever, especially when both of their pasts rise from the ashes and threaten everything they have.

Title: The Marlboro Man
Author: Anna Alexander
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Series: Men of the Sprawling A Ranch #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Cowboy Way, To Have Faith
Source: Publisher
Published: February 24, 2015
Genres: Erotic Western Contemporary Romance
Pages: 179
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

When we left Men of the Sprawling A Ranch book one – The Cowboy Way – Mark Webber had “run away” so to speak.  He had left the ranch to get over his love for Greta, his best friend’s wife.  Now he is back.  He has reconciled his love, or lack thereof, and is ready to get back to work.

The author did an interesting reconciliation of the title of this book.  Mark was trying to quit smoking, his favored brand being Marlboro.  References were made throughout to the gum he now carried instead.  “If he had a cigarette in his mouth, he’d look like a walking Marlboro ad.”  Gabriella’s thoughts of him that first morning.  I found it interesting and was rather glad this commercial was for him quitting.

Anyway, Mark is back at the ranch as foreman when Rafael’s sister, Gabriella, shows up.  She is trying to hide from an abusive ex-husband.

This is a basic contemporary romance with a western flavor.  There is the ranch, cows, and horses.  There are ranch hands that are more like family than hired help.  Then, of course there is the romance, spiced with a little adventure.

I like the characters and the family feel to this series.  Poor Gabriella knew about having one brother, but six?  Gave her a real sense of security.  Although Mark wasn’t so sure about all these brothers being in his business.  Made for some rather entertaining moments.

The story was paced well.  Nice set up.  The romance, though a bit fast as often happens in these stories, was sweet and hot.  Then the conflict enters the story.  That too was done quite well.  It wasn’t just on one side either.  Both Mark and Gabriella’s past takes a bite out of them.  I liked how that was done, and then resolved.

A nice read for this cold, stay in wrapped in a quilt, day.

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