Review: The Military Wife by Lucy Felthouse

February 2, 2013 Review 1

Lucy Felthouse

The Military Wife (

By: Lucy Felthouse (author website)

eBook, 35 pages

Published January 16th 2013 by House of Erotica

ISBN 13: 9781782345305

Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review

Genre: Erotic Romance

Stars: 3

Flames: 5

The Military Wife is an erotic short of erotic shorts.  The anthology itself is 39 pages long and each story is about 12 or so pages. The three stories were self-contained so there was no need to read the previous one; they weren’t sequels in any way. They were also told almost entirely from the woman’s perspective but only the second short was in first person.  Two of the shorts are about married couples, I really enjoy married couple shorts, and one was a couple that had broken up but still loved each other.  Each couple was adventurous in their sex lives and was not afraid to try new things.

My favorite short was the first one. If I had read it by itself I would have rated it with 4 stars.  It centers on a woman whose husband is deployed and she is waiting on him to come back.  He surprises her with his early return and they have a very sexy and energetic reunion that goes from the front door, to the kitchen and finally the bedroom.  I would have loved more from that couple.  I wanted to know why he came back early? What his wife did when he was gone? How did she deal with it?  How did they meet?

There other two were just okay to me.  I wish I had more from each story.  They all felt like they could be the opening chapters to different books. I would have loved to have gotten a more in depth look into these character’s lives and I would be curious to see what happens next for each of them. Especially the characters from the second story. Theirs is the one that felt the most unfinished to me.

Overall I did enjoy this steamy erotic read featuring military men from England and their significant others.  It was a very quick read but the hot sex and sexy military men made for some very entertaining reading.

Lucy Felthouse


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