Review: The Mistake (Sisters of Scandal #4) by Lily Maxton

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Review: The Mistake (Sisters of Scandal #4) by Lily Maxton

Childhood love never disappears...

Infamous courtesan Julia Forsythe is the former mistress of a ruthless marquess. She’s also expecting his child. But while she longs to flee from his cold clutches, the welfare of her unborn babe prevents it. Now she must find a way to remain a “mistress” in name, if not in deed. And her plans are only complicated by a growing affection for the estate’s head gardener...

Fifteen years ago, Adam Radcliff once shared a close friendship with Julia. Now they stand worlds apart in both lives and statuses, sharing only the memory of that old friendship. But even as Julia slips out of the marquess’s lascivious clutches, she finds herself seeking the pleasure of Adam’s company. Now Adam is falling more deeply for Julia, even knowing that wanting another man’s mistress will only bring ruin upon them both..

Title: The Mistake
Author: Lily Maxton
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Series: Sisters of Scandal #4
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Affair, The Wager, The Love Match
Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 04/14/2015
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 182
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Stars: three-stars
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Historical romance is not my first choice when I am picking a book.  I always had a love-hate relationship with them.  Some are very good, other are quite dreadful. It has been a while since I read one. I decided to give a try to The Mistake while praying I haven’t made a mistake by choosing it.

I loved Adam from the get go.  He is all about integrity and he was willing to do anything for love.  When he was sixteen and saw Julia with another man, he’s been heartbroken.  To this day, he was never able to forget her and have someone new entered his life. When her father died, Julia decided that she will not be living in poverty. To live up to her expectations she decided to become a courtesan.  She left everything that she knew behind, including Adam, and made a new life for herself.  None of them would have thought that sixteen years later their path would cross again.

When Julia arrived at Blakewood Hall, she is pregnant with Lord Riverton child.  All she wanted was to get as far from him as possible.  Upon her arrival, her heart stopped when she saw Adam.  The story line is interesting, it is a quick read and the historical elements are present.  I am not a fan when the main character is pregnant, but in this story, it was a plus.  The pace of the story was good and the fact that it was set in the countryside provided a sweet escape.

Julia is not my favorite character.  There is something her that is rubbing me the wrong way, I can’t pinpoint what it is, though.  It might be because she is such a polar opposite from Adam.  And I was rooting for Adam from the very start.  While Adam is all about integrity and simplicity, she is caught up in her fantasy world and still has some attitude problems.  Some of her reactions were a little irrational and I can’t bring myself to like her.

Lord Riverton is a cold man and he is self-centered.  He is no gentleman and it is impossible to like him. Cassandra, on the other hand, is a more complex character.  She is a maid but she is kind and present for Julia.  She is a widow and she seems to have given up on love. This is is a shame since she is such a compassionate person.

Some scenes could have been a little more expanded. The scene between Adam and Lord Riverton left me confused.  It was missing some elements to make it believable and enjoyable.  I loved that we got to learn how Julia became a courtesan and that she was open enough to tell her story.  Was it not supposed to be done when she wrote her memoir?  Since Adam read it, I assume that he would have already known that part of the story.  Why asking the question again then? There are a couple of elements like this that was irritating, but the story is still enjoyable. I have to admit that the ending felt rushed and I needed more clarification on the deal that was done in the end.

It was my first book from Lily Maxton and I think that she did a good job. Her writing style was enjoyable.  As I said before, historical romances are not my forte, but it you are a fan of this genre, you should enjoy it.


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