Review: The Other P-Word (In Other Words #3) by M.K. Schiller

June 20, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Other P-Word (In Other Words #3) by M.K. Schiller

Suffering from a dark past, he lives his life with passion but no purpose. She planned everything…except him.

Billie Price has always had a plan for her life. On the surface, it all appears on track. But there has always been something missing. Even though she has a purpose, there is no passion to fuel it. Then she meets a mysterious stranger with a dark past. Except Evan Wright is all kinds of wrong—the tattoo-clad, guitar-strumming, Harley-riding modern day drifter is definitely not the right man for her. Yet she finds herself drawn to him and The Lost Souls’ Club—the eclectic bar where he works. As all her carefully strung plans unravel, Evan is there to comfort her. As their attraction grows, Billie can’t resist the temptation, even though Evan will leave in the fall. At least they have all summer together, not to mention the man knows how to narrate the perfect sex scene for the book she’s writing. But as she crashes into Evan’s world, Billie has to ask herself—can passion prevail when there is no purpose?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex. Warning—this book contains one raunchy tattoo-clad musician who can rock his tongue as well as a guitar!

Publisher Note: This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone novel, as can any of the books in the In Other Words Series.

Title: The Other P-Word
Author: M.K. Schiller
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Series: In Other Words #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Other F-Word, Other C-Word
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: June 16, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 361
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

I finished reading The Other P-Word a few hours ago but I needed some time to recover from the last 30%. Wait, let me backtrack a bit. I really need to start from the beginning.


I originally started In Other Words series in book 2, and of course I absolutely LOVE it. So of course this meant I had uber high expectations coming into book #3. I really enjoyed Billie and Evan’s story. Billie really stole the show when she had the crappiest day you could possible imagine. Just that one day had me cheering her on from that point on. But of course she is a awesome character. Evan on the other hand, no matter how sexy I found him, did from time to time grate on my nerves. The no attachment thing he had going on got to be a bit weary to me. And then his secrets started to come out. Oh. Oh no. Okay I feel bad for getting irked at him (but secretly I still wanted to shake him) but his issues certainly were not what I expected.


What pulls me into the story and series in general is the family feel it has. I just can’t call Dillon, Mike, Tilla, Marley and the rest of the gang characters. They feel so much like family to me. It’s their love for one another, and the funny humor they offer up, that really lures me in and keeps me wanting this series to keep from ending. Which is why I almost feel a little sad that I was in a strong like, not love, as I was with the previous book. Don’t misunderstand me. Wanting to shake some sense into certain characters aside, I thoroughly enjoyed The Other P-Word. It was a wonderful book, with just the right amount of heat, fun and entertainment. And for the most part I found it very hard to put it down. BUT, I sort of felt it was lacking the special something that I had previously experienced before. The over the top emotional investment I had previously going was somewhat missing for me.


Queue the last 30% of their story. OMG…Billie and Evan. I was a sobbing pile of goo. Here is where my emotions grabbed at the book and had me screaming this is IT! This is what I needed. This is where I got wrecked and knew everything was worth it. The details are not something I will share so instead I will say, no matter how much I felt The Other P-Word was rocking a solid 4-Stars. However, once the real meat of the story started coming out this baby kicked right up to 5-stars.


Two books and now I am a complete fan of M.K. Schiller. I am already eyeballing her other books, trying to figure out which one I want to devour next. Or shall I say the next after the next because I really need to get serious and read the book that started this whole series. I’ll be hitting that one as soon as I finish this review. It’s fairly obvious I have read the In Other Words series somewhat out of order and it has completely worked for me. Can they be read out of order? Yes. Should they and can you just read one and walk away. No not really because I’m finding them to be too addicting. Will there be more in the series? I certainly hope so because I’m dying to find out where their lives go from here. That and now what will Derek do now that he caught…


The Other P-Word

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