Review – The Piercer’s Game (Chess #6) by Sean Michael

December 14, 2015 Review 0

Review – The Piercer’s Game (Chess #6) by Sean Michael

Luke sees a lot in his job as a piercer, but for all that, he’s shy and lonely. Can live-in-the-moment Temple open his eyes to life’s pleasures?

Luke’s a piercer and owns a successful business with his tattooing partner. Despite his job and his inked and pierced appearance, Luke is actually quite shy and lonely, not to mention inexperienced. An event from his past has left him unable to open up completely to anyone and it’s easier for him to just keep to himself.

Temple is a cancer survivor, coming up on five years cancer free. He’s traveling across North America on the back of his motorcycle, just going where the wind blows him. Ever since first being diagnosed, he turned into a true believer of living in the moment.

When Temple first turns up at Luke’s shop, Temple is immediately drawn to the quiet piercer. First he’s going to have to convince Luke that there’s something between them…then he’s going to have to work his way past Luke’s defenses.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

Title: The Piercer's Game
Author: Sean Michael
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Series: Chess
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: October 20th 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 118
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
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YAY!!!! Luke got a story. I was so excited to see what type of stud muffin Luke was going to be with all those piercings. Boy was I surprised when the rolls were slightly reversed for me…lol

After a really bad experience in college, Luke hasn’t been able to trust anyone in the romance department. In fact, he was having more fun with his piercings by himself. But when Temple strolled in to the shop one night, there was electricity that couldn’t be denied.

Temple was looking for someone to give him the perfect anniversary ink for beating cancer. After meeting and spending time with Luke, it appeared that Luke was all he wanted. But he’d spent the last 5 years as a nomad. Settling down would be…different. Was Luke worth it? Could he convince Luke that he was?

This was a nice break from the four guys. After reading bits and pieces of Luke stopping in for piercings on the guys, getting to know Luke has been a treat. We even get to meet his business partner/best friend and his lovers. Overall a nice read and story.



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