Review: The Rancher by Lily Graison

April 24, 2013 Review 0

Review: The Rancher by Lily Graison

Laurel Montgomery wanted a new life, one that didn't include a man. She'd had enough of their pretty lies and broken promises but one night of reckless abandon weeks before taking a job as the new schoolteacher in Willow Creek would come back to haunt her. The man she thought to never see again turns out to be the father of one of her new students. A man so handsome and rugged he takes her breath away. Too bad she's sworn off men forever. If only the stubborn man would take no for an answer.

Holden Avery was love-struck the moment he saw Laurel Montgomery and cursed himself for a fool every waking minute since letting her walk out of his life. When she turns up in Willow Creek he's handed the second chance he didn't think he'd ever get but thoughts of pursuing Laurel are cut short when a stranger shows up in town. A man who claims to be Laurel's husband. When he starts to court Laurel in an attempt to win her back, Holden sets off to prove he's the man she wants. Convincing her to give him a chance is nearly impossible but he's waited too long to find her to give up now. One way or the other, Laurel Montgomery would be his wife.

Title: The Rancher
Author: Lily Graison
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Series: Willow Creek
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: August 26, 2012
Genres: Western Romance
Pages: 152
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

After reading the first three books I couldn’t wait to read about Holden. He is in all the other books and you just need to know he gets his HEA. He is a single father raising a daughter so he puts his own happiness on the back burner. One night he meets a lady and has a night he will never forget. When she turns up in his hometown as the new teacher, he decides he is going to make her his wife.

Holden begins to court her.  His pursuit of Laurel is sweet, scorching hot, funny and sometimes heartbreaking. As soon as Holden wears her down, her ex shows up declaring he is Laurel’s husband and all hell breaks loose. Will Holden believe Laurel, that she is not married or will he believe her ex?

Laurel couldn’t resist the cowboy she met in the saloon. They shared a wonderful night of unbridled passion she won’t forget. When she realizes he is the father of one of her students, she can’t believe it. Thanks to her cheating fiancé, she has sworn off any and all men. But boy does she want Holden, but can she trust him?

Lily Graison


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