Review: The Secret of Hunter’s Bog by Ally Blue

March 8, 2016 Review 6

Review: The Secret of Hunter’s Bog by Ally Blue

For Koichi McNab, the shop he and his twin sister Kimmy are opening in Hunter’s Bog Mall is a fresh start after their old one burned down. A way to move on. Especially when he meets the hunky owner of the luxury camping goods store next door. Koichi’s never been an outdoorsy guy, but Will Hood just might change his mind.

Will came to Southern Alabama to establish his own life away from his big, intrusive family—and in hopes of finding Anthony, the lover who vanished two years ago. But meeting Koichi throws everything off-kilter. Anthony was a long time ago. Koichi’s right here, smart and funny and cute, and Will wants him.

As Koichi and Will become friends, then lovers, Will’s past and Koichi’s present tangle into a dangerous knot that brings them face-to-face with secrets, theft, treachery . . . maybe even murder. With their lives on the line, their only way to safety is together.

Title: The Secret of Hunter's Bog
Author: Ally Blue
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Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: March 7, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance, Mystery
Pages: 207
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-half-flames
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Ally Blue

The bog and the boys have some secrets and a string of break-ins and robberies are going to bring them to the light whether Koichi and Will are prepared for it or not. Will Hood is following a random Instagram picture of a boyfriend that left everything without any explanation two years ago. Establishing himself as a business owner in Duchene, Alabama seems like a good way to start a life independent of the father that he is certain had something to do with his abrupt breakup. The guy at the business next door to Will’s new shop could be the push to move on that Will didn’t even know he needed.

Having to relocate the business that burned to the new mall was never in Koichi and Kimmy’s business plans. In fact Koichi is downright put off by being located in a mall. He’s still dealing with the guilt of the fire that put him and his twin into having to move to begin with. In general Koichi is not really happy about life in general. Things are about to change in a big way for Koichi. His life is about to be shaken up and turned loose. At least he’ll have the sexy distraction of Will to help him through the crazy that his life is about to become.

The Secret of Hunter’s Bog is big on mystery and light on the romance. There are several mystery elements here that all lead the ending to the same place. Publisher website shows this as a standalone and I did not see mention of a series anywhere. This leaves several things unanswered and one thing just rushed and pushed off as answered and forgiven. I was disappointed by this. If I knew that we would get more of Will and Koichi’s bog exploring with answers in future books it would be slightly different. Perhaps there was just more unknown to this mystery than I like.

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