Review: The Seer (Chronicles of the Fallen #2) by Brenda Huber

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Review: The Seer (Chronicles of the Fallen #2) by Brenda Huber

Chronicles of the Fallen, Book 2

All whisper his name in fear, for The Seer was the right hand of Lucifer, the Collector of Souls. Condemned by Heaven, a fugitive from Hell, Niklas’s only hope for salvation lies in protecting the innocent from demons bent on ravaging mankind

After uncovering a plot to overthrow Lucifer, Niklas and his compatriots scramble to retrieve crucial Sacred Relics before the plot’s mastermind gets to them. For if Lucifer falls, so too shall fall the barriers between Earth and Hell.

Carly Danner’s life is turned upside down when she stumbles upon a demon summoning, plunging her into a dangerous realm of temptation and forbidden love. Left with no choice, she must trust the most unlikely of protectors, a darkly sensual demon with a fearsome reputation.

As the tangled web of desire and betrayal draws her deeper, Carly walks a blurred line between good and evil. And Niklas must decide if redemption is worth losing the woman who stole his heart.

Product Warnings
Contains a demon willing to put the world at risk for the love of one woman, and an innocent human who would sell her soul to save the demon she can’t live without. And so continues the journey of six fallen demons and the women who capture their hearts.

Title: The Seer
Author: Brenda Huber
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Series: Chronicles of the Fallen #2
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Author
Published: Published: June 2nd 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 280
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

My favorite reading past time has always been PNRs. If it has fangs and fur I’m all for it. But sometimes I like to My favorite reading past time has always been PNRs. If it has fangs and fur I’m all for it. But sometimes I like to switch it up with something a little different – angels and demons. Your usual standard is demons are fallen angels. Okay, not very original but it does work…so long as the author puts enough of a spin with a good plot and characters to draw me in and make me forget about all the other A&D books I have read. Thankfully, author Brenda Huber has done this with The Seer.

This book starts out hitting the ground running and takes off from there. I really enjoyed the premise of the book. Niklas (Love the name!) is quite smexy. I liked how he was all tough and strong yet still has a bachelor’s apartment. Carly has this sweetness to her but she’s still a tough cookie. Oh yeah, she may be willing to have Niklas protect her but she certainly has a backbone and a temper. Together, I found myself hovering between holding my breath in anticipation in what was coming next and giggling from the dialog. ‘Flashing’. ‘Shimmering’. Hee-hee! There’s a lot of twist and turns between the dialog, the action, and what was going to happen next so much so that I was hard pressed to put it down. There’s quite a few secondary characters that I liked who really make this story complete. So much that I can’t wait to read their stories. Lot’s of build up to is what? A happy end? Yes please. Is it what I wanted? Most defintely. And the Epilogue has me intrigued. Please let him be the next book is about. Sorry folks, that’s the only hint you’ll get from me. You’ll need to read to find out for yourself who I’m talking about.

I’d like to say The Seer by Brenda Huber is just one of those run of the mill Good vs Evil stories but I enjoyed it too much to call it that simple. I haven’t read the first book yet but it’s as good as this one, I think I’ll be lumping this series in with some of my other favorites. Consider this a recommended read from me.


The Seer


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