Review: The Sex Demon Trilogy (The Sex Demon Trilogy #1-3) by Jaye Shields

October 22, 2015 Review 3

Review: The Sex Demon Trilogy  (The Sex Demon Trilogy #1-3) by Jaye Shields

Tap Into Your Inner Sex Demon... Sex demons need constant climax to survive. Orgies and promiscuous sex tend to be an everyday thing, but finding love is not. Dive into The Sex Demon Trilogy and meet three sex demons who find love in the least likely of places. With these tales of love come danger, heartbreak, and hot, hot sex like only a sex demon can do it. Content Warning: strong language, light BDSM scenes, girl-on-girl action, and all kinds of sex demon mayhem.

Title: The Sex Demon Trilogy
Author: Jaye Shields
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Addictions of a Sex Demon
Published by Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 21st 2015
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 314 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

A book about Sex Demons! What a trip! They are spicy, sexy, and steamy oh my! This is a box set of three stories about Sex Demons. They need climax in order to survive. Doesn’t sound so back right? Wrong! It can be devious if used against you!

The first book is Confessions of a Sex Demon is super steamy! Zahra is trying to make a better life for herself and her sister. She’s tired of being a call girl paying off her drug-addicted sisters debt. In comes Lennox. He kidnaps Zahra intent on making her pay since his wife left him for her brother Reza. What he doesn’t expect is falling under her spell!

The second book is Claiming the Sex Demon and in my opinion should be read first. This is the story of Emmerie and Reza. It makes understanding Confessions that much easier! Emmerie is married but not in love with her husband. They have know each other forever. Lennox would do anything for Emmerie. She’s depressed and feels guilty for not being able to return her husband’s feelings. In walks Reza, sex on a stick sex demon. Emmerie can not help herself and embarks on a life-changing journey of discovery.

The third book is Addictions of a Sex Demon and is amazing. It’s the story of Sephina, Zahra’s drug-addicted sister. In this story, Sephina is a recovering addict who meets Axel, a dragon demon known as a Quetzalem. With dragon hunters on their tail, they find themselves working together as they fall in love. I can not spoil the story, but let me say it is very good. The story in itself is good, but it also wraps up the trilogy as a whole nicely.

I was really please with reading this and how each story weaved its way through the other. It was suspenseful and a very satisfying read. The characters endeared themselves to you and it made you root for each one. A little bit backward the way things fell, but that is how sometimes love happens. You will not be disappointed and I highly recommend Jaye Shield’s trilogy!

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  1. Deb

    If you pick this up, make sure you read book 2 Claiming the Sex Demon first. It will flow much better!