Review: The Wedding Rescue (Love in Little Tree #1) by Megan Kelly

September 1, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Wedding Rescue (Love in Little Tree #1) by Megan Kelly

Rancher Jack Walker eagerly anticipates marrying the quiet, lovely artist who has agreed to be his wife and stepmother to his six-year-old daughter. Their union will mirror the peace and security of his previous marriage.

Veterinarian Lexi Marshall is tricked into her twin sister's wedding dress minutes before the bride disappears out the back door. Now Lexi must tell Jack there is no wedding. But instead of "guess what?" she says, "I do?"

Covering for her sister by marrying Jack is a big mistake. But even Lexi’s confession can't untangle the mess after she learns he could lose his ranch if they divorce.

Legal problems aside, how will they handle the attraction simmering between them?

Title: The Wedding Rescue
Author: Megan Kelly
Source: Author
Published: July 30, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 330
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Jack Walker is set to marry a beautiful artist and live on their ranch. He’s faced with losing his ranch to his cousins if he doesn’t produce some male heirs. Grace stepped in and agrees to marry him and also be the step-mom to his daughter, Annabeth. Grace will give him peace of mind after being widowed when his wife died alone from a horse accident. He considers her safe.

At the church, Grace is stalling putting her wedding dress on. Lexi, her maid of honor and twin, is persuaded to slip on Grace’s dress “just to see how beautiful you will look one day”. Lexi does what Grace asks even though it seemed a bit odd. Then Grace does the unexpected and flees the church saying she can’t do this, leaving Lexi to pick up the pieces. When she tries to tell everyone, no one listens, and she’s soon railroaded through a ceremony. As she covers for her sister, she figures that Grace just got cold feet and will be back and take up her rightful place. No harm no foul, she’s just a stand in until Grace’s return. But then Jack finds out he could loose the ranch if he divorces Grace. Lexi is stuck. The legal problems mount and she doesn’t know what to do. What started out as protecting her twin has turned into a nightmare for both Lexi and Jack. And then we have Lexi’s lingering feelings for Jack that had never been resolved. Can she continue with the deception and not cause herself too much heartbreak??

I really enjoyed reading The Wedding Rescue! It’s a slow burn type of romance so if that’s your favorite then you need to read this one! There is some added side stories along the keep you interested. I really liked both characters. They both were real and down to earth. We are also treated to a couple of tidbits that will be explored in books to come. This is the first book I have read by Megan Kelly but it definitely will not be the last!

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