Review: The World As He Sees It (Perspectives #2) by A.M. Arthur

October 17, 2015 Review 0

Review: The World As He Sees It (Perspectives #2) by A.M. Arthur

Love knows no limits…but fear could keep them from seeing it.

Gabe lives a double life. As Gabriel Henson, he works multiple jobs to support his remorseless, alcoholic mother. As Tony Ryder, he does internet porn for extra cash and regular safe sex without complications.

Yet when he encounters a scared young man freaking out in a night club, he’s compelled to reach out. Ever since then, the memory of that young man has haunted him.

Tristan Lavelle lives his life thirty minutes at a time. After a traumatic brain injury three years ago, he gets through his day recording his life in spiral notebooks and sticky note reminders.

A month after Tristan’s embarrassingly public meltdown, another chance meeting with Gabe sparks a warm, emotionally fulfilling email relationship. Both men crave more, but fear of the next step stands between them.

Until Tristan gets the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial that could improve his memory—if the side effects don’t kill him. But for Tristan, the possibility of a real life with Gabe is worth any risk…

Warning: Contains two damaged but lovable heroes, secret-keeping friends with good intentions, and an abundance of inappropriate food innuendo.

Title: The World As He Sees It
Author: A.M. Arthur
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Series: Perspectives
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: October 20, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

I squeed with pure joy when this book arrived in my inbox. I have been looking forward to this book from the very moment I found out it existed. Sadly it is my least favorite A.M. Arthur read. Don’t get me wrong I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Tristan is my absolute favorite Arthur character. I was so pleased that he got a story of his own.

Readers meet (I fell a little bit in love with) Tristan in The Truth as He Knows It. He’s Noel’s best friend. Tristan has been living in an assisted living center for the past three years. He was the victim of a horrifically violent gay bashing that nearly took his life. He was left with no short term memory. His family has deserted him there. He only has Noel and now that Noel has Shane, Tristan is left feeling even more alone. All Tristan wants is to be able to live his life, he’s tired of just existing.

No matter how hard he tries Gabe cannot get the scared lost guy from his fathers’ bar off his mind. He knows a little of Tristan’s story now because of Shane and Noel. He knows he can’t fix him but nothing he seems to do takes his mind away from Tristan. Gabe wants to get to know him. The memory problem is a minor obstacle that Gabe believes emails will be the simplest way to allow them to get to know each other.

There is so much amazing story in The World As He Sees It. I loved reading Tristan and Gabe’s tale to their very sweet happily ever after. They had a great story and they got the ending that fit best for them. Sadly I had some issues with Gabe’s view on what “boyfriends” means and the exclusivity “loophole” he saw. I was very disappointed in that. It’s no secret that I have issues with some books (most of them) with alcoholics. Gabe and Debbie are prime examples of everything I hate about those books.

I honestly have no clue who will get the next book in the Perspectives series. A potential couple was never really eluded to. If the theme of one of the Mean Green Boys keeps then I have a good guess who one of the next guys will be but that’s as far as that goes. I love Arthur’s books so I am of course looking forward to it.

Paranormal Romance

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