Review: Therian Prisoner (Therian Heat #3) by Cyndi Friberg

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Review: Therian Prisoner (Therian Heat #3) by Cyndi Friberg

Though Devon comes from a line of cougar-shifters, her own animal nature has not yet been defined. The mysterious “backers” have captured her, intent on using her untapped Therian abilities for unknown ends. She escapes from their prison, but not from the emotional scars left by their abuse.

Ian, an ancient Therian raptor, offers protection and encouragement. Devon has always wanted Ian, always felt a connection deeper than friendship. But Ian insists he’s too old and jaded to make Devon an honorable mate. If she hopes to feel whole again, she must regain control over her emotions and desires. And she desires Ian.

At first Ian resists Devon’s attempts at seduction. She needs a shoulder to cry on, not a demanding lover, and Ian is never satisfied until his partners surrender unconditionally. But Devon stirs primal instincts and awakens ravenous longings he has suppressed for centuries. He wants her, but he fears the darkness inside him will destroy her.

Title: Therian Prisoner
Author: Cyndi Friberg
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Series: Therian Heat
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: September 26, 2012
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 207
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Devon has been kidnapped from her family and help captive for almost a month. She has been tested on and experienced humiliation at the hands of her captures. Now one of the ‘Backers’ has taken her away from the other prisoners to an unused facility and takes her future into his own hands. She manages to escape with the help of an enemy of her clan, a wolf, and some of her allies but her journey isn’t over. Ian is an ancient Therian raptor and has watched over Devon for most of her life. He has always kept his distance since he considered her too young for him but when he helps rescue her and she refuses to go home, he takes her to his cabin to help her deal with her trauma.

I loved Ian!!! He is kind, protective, strong, confident not to mention crazy hot. He is able to give Devon the support she needs but also space so she is able to heal. He provides a woman to help for her to talk about her captivity and work through her guilt and humiliation at what she went through. Devon is a really strong character. She is dealt a bad hand when she is captured but she is able to keep herself together enough to use the guards and another prisoner to eventually get free. It was nice that she and Dhane, the wolf, were able to free themselves and that Ian and Payne just happened to be there so they were more like the getaway drivers than actual rescuers.

My only real problem with the story line is how fast Devon and Ian became intimate after her rescue. I won’t give details but she went through a lot and it makes her feel guilty and humiliated. At first I thought there would be a lot of buildup to getting Ian and Devon together but she is able to work through her issues and have sex with him her first full day out of captivity. That just seemed way too fast for me. I know all people are different but generally when you have suffered a trauma it takes more than 24hours to get over it.

I did enjoy how Friberg started to narrow down the bad guys. I am still unsure what really happened to two of them but it seems like they are weeding themselves down.

We also get some more history and world building of the Therian society since Ian is the oldest Therian alive. The revelations of his character were unexpected but very fitting to the story. We also learn that Payne is quite old as well but we don’t know his exact age yet or how he is able to live as long.

I would have loved more time with Ian and Devon. I feel like their story isn’t finished even though their book did come to a nice conclusion. There is just quite a few of Devon’s decisions that are left undecided. We also don’t get to see her or Ava (the heroine form book 3) defined. I am hoping that in the next story we will see the female shifter defined since we haven’t seen that since book 2.

Cyndi Friberg


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