Review: Thirteen Nights, Divine Temptations # 1 by Sabrina Garie

February 21, 2014 Review 1

Review: Thirteen Nights, Divine Temptations # 1 by Sabrina Garie

Book one in the Divine Temptation series.

Annie’s always been different. An empathic Amazon, she hides her emotional anomaly beneath legendary fighting skills. Not wanting to pass on her genetic disorder, she’s always avoided the Thirteen Nights Ritual—the Greek pantheon warriors’ annual breeding rite. Months from thirty, she’s duty-bound to participate. When she meets Tai, who inflames her body and nurtures the gentleness she’s had to keep secret, thirteen nights of pleasure don’t seem nearly enough.

As a half human, Tai has survived by being smarter and more lethal than his brethren. While the male warriors accept him for his achievements, the Amazons never give him a second look. Until Annie, whose smile is warm and real and whose body shudders with desire—for him. Determined to have her, he hacks into the Thirteen Nights database and rearranges the pairings to make Annie his partner.

But Tai’s actions are forbidden, subject to death. To stay together, they must take on the Greek pantheon.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Thirteen Nights
Author: Sabrina Garie
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Source: Publisher
Published: 6 December, 2013
Genres: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Pages: 77
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

A speed-dating Amazonian warror-ess uses the service to find her breeding partner, and this story is off to a rollicking start.  Antiope, or Annie, is an Amazon with a touch of something different, she is also an empathy, and this conflict of natures is presented in a unique way, giving Annie a softer side that acknowledges her difference.

Tai is also different: a half-human with stellar computer skills, he also is a man with some very solid ideas about his own alpha-ness and abilities.  The annual breeding ritual, termed Thirteen Nights, is his chance to fulfill the destiny shown to him by a seer.

Sabrina Garie manages to set the world and the expectations with grace: and presents a reason and need for the status quo to change. Until Tai hacks the database that manages the ‘matings” where couples are paired according to their genetic type, potential to create superior offspring, and with the Elders curious set of discriminatory practices, inter-genetic relationships and love were never a part of the equation.

Tai and Annie have a delicious connection that is ever so hot and steamy once the initial banter and fighting of the attraction between them is sorted out.  Both characters have some issues from their past and from the expectations of their own behavior they were raised with: but Annie’s empathic connection allows her to both feel and see Tai’s love, and the regrets he holds for chances he didn’t take.  Quick and short, this read is a great introduction to the author and the world, and there is no question that the two have a happy ending.

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