Review: Time Tracker by Samantha Winston

April 11, 2017 Review 0

Review: Time Tracker by Samantha Winston

Frozen then awakened after a thousand years—Kell is unprepared for modern life. Allie is only supposed to help him adjust. But some things, like falling in love, never change.

The attraction between them is sudden and strong. Then Allie discovers what the army really wants to do with Kell, and suddenly time is running out. In the middle of the Arctic Circle, surrounded by hundreds of miles of snow and ice, it's now up to Kell to use his skills of survival to save them both, and to acknowledge the love growing between them.

Tracker and bounty hunter Bruce Steele is hired to find Kell and Allie. He's never failed. But this time, fate plays a vicious trick on him, and after an accident, he awakens in the far future on a space station with two slight problems—a raging hard-on and an android with nuclear sex-appeal. But the bigger problems—there's no need for a tracker on a space station, and the android he's come to love is slated for demolition. But no problem is too big for Steele. Determined to carve a place for himself in the ultra-technical world of the future, he's decided to save his adorable, pedantic android...and find a place for both of them in a world he doesn't understand.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Title: Time Tracker
Author: Samantha Winston
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 11, 2017
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 136
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Stars: two-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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Looking back, I feel I was tricked by the cover and the blurb. I love to indulge in SciFi romances. When I saw the cover of Time Tracker had a spaceship as well as the blurb mentioning space station, my mind said sign me up. When terms like ‘Frozen then awakened after a thousand years’ was expecting to read something futuristic. Yes, the blurb and the cover both lured me in only after reading to find out there is a space station…in the last third of the book. And one more thing, this book is erotica.

So the premise of the story, or shall I say stories, is: man falls into ice in the Arctic Circle, insta freezes, is found, thawed brought back to life, meets woman, falls in love, has lots of sex and lives HEA. There is a bit more than that but you get the idea. The bulk of the book surrounds Allie and Kell with the last third going to tracker Bruce Steele and F-69.

Kell is a Celt that was on a hunt with others from his village when he falls into ice. Allie is hired by the Army to translate the dead language the expect Kell to speak. Allie is taken to a secret location (which apparently all the locals know about) where she is introduced to Kell. They talk, have sex rather quickly, she finds out what the Army’s real plan for him is, helps him escape, the fall in love and HEA. To tell the truth, I rather liked their story. I’m not a big fan of insta-love but it’s a short book so I went with it. There’s a nice connection between them, just enough intrigue to make it exciting, and a HEA the compliments their story rather nicely. I would have liked if the antagonists had got their just rewards but it wasn’t in the cards.

Now had the book ended with Kell and Allie’s HEA, I would have been fine with it. Instead, we get another iceman story in the way of Bruce Steele. He’s the tracker that is hired by the Army to find Kell and Allie when they escape. He’s not a bad guy, just a hired hand, who falls into the ice and is recovered 6000 years into the future, wakes up on a space station, accepts everything he’s told and doesn’t seem too panicked about it. Okay, a bit hard to swallow but I ran with it. Bruce has a problem of enhanced sensory perception in his extremities, loosely translates into he’s got a raging boner that he can’t seem to control. F-69 is the android who is helping him acclimate. He finds incredibly attractive, she’s patient helpful and sweet, they have an attraction, boink like bunnies, fall in love, and get their HEA.

I could have almost, ALMOST, accepted their story if it wasn’t for one thing: the melon. Sorry folks, while I don’t mind food being mixed with sex scenes, I do draw the line at food and self-pleasuring. Sorry if I spoiled the story for anybody but that right there killed the entire book for me. Some things you can’t just unread, and when that happens, it’s all downhill from there. My advice should you choose to read Time Tracker, read Kell and Allie’s story (which is a solid 3-stars) but skip or skim what happens to Bruce and F-69 (2-stars).



Time Tracker
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