Review: To Curse the Darkness (Children of Night #6) by P.G. Forte

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Review: To Curse the Darkness (Children of Night #6) by P.G. Forte

"A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing "

"Children of the Night, " Book 6

When Conrad goes full disclosure on the twins heritage, Julie isn t all that surprised. She s already figured most of it out. But Armand s shock over learning the woman he loves was born vampire drives him away for space to think. The chasm between Conrad and Damien yawns wider than ever as Conrad grapples with the pain he s unintentionally inflicted.

As all hell breaks loose at home, Marc is dangerously out of touch on a trip down the coast to find Elise and bring her home though she insists he s a fool to trust her.

Armand, still struggling with his own feelings of guilt, inadequacy and betrayal, returns to find the Fischer-Quintano house in chaos. Julie is determined to go ahead with her plans to save Georgia for Conrad s sake, though the knowledge she seeks and the venom-drenched ritual she must endure to get it could cause her to lose her mind. If not her life.

"Warning: Handle with care. Contents are under pressure. Contains past violence, present violence, future potential violence, including, but by no means limited to, matricide, fratricide possibly even patricide. In short, pretty much everything you d expect to find in a multi-generational vampire love story.""

Title: To Curse the Darkness
Author: P.G. Forte
Series: Children of Night #6
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: December 22, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 247
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-flame
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It’s always a risks when jumping into a series, especially when it’s a continuation series, which is the case with P.G. Forte’s Children of Night series. Either a new reader will flounder around lost or the regular followers will be bored with stuff they already know. Yes, a very fine line to balance on for a author. Lucky for me, Ms. Forte did a good job with To Curse the Darkness.

Here’s the gist of what I understand. Conrad is the patriarch vampire of his clan. Julie and Marc are twins that were raised by Conrad and have recently learned they were born vampires. That in itself seems to be a unknown commodity as no one seems to know what they are capable of. Marc has found Elise and holding court over feral vampires…, which is unheard of. Conrad’s dearest and oldest friend, Georgia, has been infected with some illness that affects vampires where there is no cure. The only thing is to kill the infected vampire and that is something Conrad must do. However, Julie thinks she can help Georgia if she can get Conrad to agree.

I’m not going to lie and say I was right on top of what was going on. I have no clue why Marc was searching for Elise, what caused the rift between Conrad and Damian, and how Armand figures into the whole picture. I’m going to guess all this was covered in previous books and has some relevance I am missing. Really, what this book feels like it is about are the growing unknown abilities of the twins, primarily Julie’s and her want to cure Georgia. The story is told in flashbacks of Conrad from when he was turned into an Invitus in addition to when he had to destroy other infected vampires. The importance of it all explains a lot of why it has to be done as well as Conrad’s reluctance to allow Julie to attempt to heal Georgia.

On a whole, I found what I read very good. It had a great story line that has me wanting to start the series from the beginning. The past and presence tenses complimented each other very well. The characters were fascinating and the mystery around the twins has definitely perked my interest. I can see their possibilities causing big issues for everyone. There are plenty of twists and intrigue to keep a reader on their toes. There is also a lot I don’t know so I’m recommendation is to read the series from the beginning. What I can claim is this Children of Night series is unlike any other vampire series I have encountered and considering how much I like my fang books, that is saying something. P.G. Forte has something special going on here this series and I would definitely tell anybody who likes vampire books, this is one they really need to read.


To Curse the Darkness
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