Review: To Have Faith (Men of the Sprawling A Ranch Book 3) by Anna Alexander

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Review: To Have Faith (Men of the Sprawling A Ranch Book 3) by Anna Alexander

Ben Castillo was every woman’s fantasy. More precisely, Faith O’Leary’s fantasy. Tall, broad, and oh-so handsome, he had a deep voice, and big hands, and the best part of all – he was just as kinky as the rumors suggested. Even kinkier. When he agreed to help Faith explore her submissive nature, she mistakenly thought her biggest obstacle would be in getting Ben to believe her when she said she wasn’t going to walk away after his tutelage was over. Instead she finds herself facing the scorn of their conservative community when it’s discovered that their relationship also included time spent with his cute roommate Colby.

Ben was convinced his time with Faith was limited, and she’d move on to someone closer to her own age and settle down once she had her fun. The vicious gossip going around town is a sign for him to walk away from the woman he’s come to love, but Colby thinks Ben’s a fool, and will do whatever he can to ensure a happy ending. For all of them.

Title: To Have Faith
Author: Anna Alexander
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Series: Men of the Sprawling A Ranch #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Cowboy Way, The Marlboro Man
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: August 4, 2015
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 211
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

The Men of the Sprawling A are hot guys.  Everyone in town knows it, even if everyone seems to have issues with it too.  I don’t remember Washington State being quite as judgmental as the residents of this mid-state farming/ranching community.  But then this is fiction, and all good stories need conflict.  And really, isn’t that the charm of the small town trope?  Everyone up in everyone else’s business?  *grin*

I had to give kudos to Faith.  She knew what she wanted and went after it, even the “not quite accepted” stuff.  I loved her for sticking to her guns and not letting popular sediment keep her down.  My kind of lady.

This was one hot story.  Wonderful, well-rounded characters – some of whom we have met in previous books.  Although everyone participates in all the books, you could read this one as a stand-alone.  But really, the others are well worth reading too.  Not only are the guys hot cowboy types, but the ladies are smart, strong, and sassy.   So start with this one and then go get the others too.

One of the really endearing threads in this series is the definite sense of family on the Sprawling A.  A couple of our characters have a sibling hanging around, but overall, no one is related by blood, but they are still FAMILY.  The chosen families are sometimes the strongest.  The most supportive.  The most forgiving.  It makes these stories so special.  I doesn’t matter what the issue is in the book, the FAMILY rallies round to offer support and any help that may be needed.

Yes, there is some hot and kinky sex in this book, but there is also a story that is worth the read.  This author writes beautiful character based stories that make us feel right along with the characters.  I am ready to pack my bag and move to the Sprawling A just because I like all the people.  Now a hot cowboy or two – that would be icing on the cake.

There are still a couple single cowboys left on the ranch so I look forward to another story from the Sprawling A.  In the meantime, you should check it out.  You just might find your next book boyfriend there.

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