Review: The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke

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Review: The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke

Riley Aylworth’s life has been completely devoid of intimate contact since a fire three years ago left him with horrific facial scarring, so when he finds an ad for a phone sex service, he decides to give it a call. Except that the number is not a phone sex service—it’s the revenge Cameron Kirkwood’s ex-boyfriend took on the uptight advertising executive after Cam forgot their anniversary and accidentally put him in the hospital. Needless to say, after thirty-nine disturbing calls seeking phone sex, Cameron is at the end of his tether and yells at his fortieth caller. What he doesn’t expect is for Riley to hit redial and yell right back.

The argument helps both Cameron and Riley vent about their issues, and when they’ve calmed down, they decide to exchange numbers and talk again. From this decision springs a friendship that, over time, grows into a gentle romance—all over the phone, because Riley is too scared to meet Cam in person. Showing a potential boyfriend his disfigured face is the fastest way to get rejected, right? Even a month of scorching hot phone sex can’t change his mind, no matter how hard Cam tries to persuade him that with their phone chemistry, the sex would be so much better in person.

Meanwhile, Cam is haunted by the scarred blond he seems to be seeing everywhere, and Riley can’t get the handsome brunet who always seems happy to see him out of his mind. It’s a shock to both men to realise that the guy they’re falling for over the phone is also the man who brightens their day with just a smile; but it’s one thing to let a stranger smile at you and quite another to let him close enough to see into your soul. If Riley can’t break down the walls in his mind and believe that Cameron loves him in spite of his scars, their relationship may be doomed before they’ve even had a chance to kiss.

Title: The Truth About Riley
Author: Henrietta Clarke
Published by Bottom Drawer Publications
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: July 10, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 318
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Just stop whatever it is you’re doing at this moment and buy this book. Stop reading your current read and start reading this book. Riley and Cameron and their love story will pull at every heartstring. They will keep you guessing right until the very end. Once you get to that point they will leave you wanting more. I’m trying to recall past couples to see if I’ve ever read a more perfectly matched pair. I’m pretty sure that I have not.

For the past three years Riley has been craving intimacy, contact, even a little compassion. After the fire that left him scarred and scared to leave leave his home he has finally managed the baby steps that have given him the little bit of life he is currently living. He’s hoping the ad he found for phone sex will give him some company in an activity he has been experiencing solo for far too long.

An ex’s revenge has Cameron cringing every time his cell rings. At his wits ends with the incessant calls from all types of pervs Cameron finally snaps at the next ‘freak’ to ring him. Little does he know that the voice on the other end is not going to put up with his negativity and drama. The man on the other end is going to make him open his eyes to the real problem. Then after much conversation about anything and everything Cameron will soon find he looks to the ringing phone as the best thing ever.

I’m not big on reading books a second time. The Truth About Riley is a book that I will most certainly read again. I LOVED the way they met, dated, developed feelings for each other, fell in love, and of course eventually came together face to face. The courtship was perfect. The thoughts towards the other were perfect. From the moment they stepped on the page my mind made thousands of guesses on how they would finally come together and meet. Henrietta Clarke created imperfect men for her improbable romance with an amazingly perfect happy ever after.

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