Review: Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2) by Ruth Cardello

March 21, 2015 Review 11

Review: Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2) by Ruth Cardello

Melanie Hanna has finally worked up the courage to travel to New York and tell an old flame that he’s the father of her young son. She’s done hiding and apologizing for her one impulsive night. When her best friend asks her brother to watch over Melanie, her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour.

Charles Dery is at the top of his game, but all he can think about is bedding the woman he was asked to protect. When she’s almost killed, he takes what he’d been denying himself and discovers he’ll do anything to keep her—even break his own rules.

When it comes to love, two wrongs may just finally make a right.

Title: Tycoon Takedown
Author: Ruth Cardello
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Taken, Not Spurred, Taking Charge
Series: Lone Star Burn #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Taken, Not Spurred, Taking Charge
Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: March 20 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Pages: 258
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

Done hiding and apologizing, Melanie Hanna heads to New York to correct a mistake from her past but her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour in this riveting contemporary western romance.

Charles Dery has it all and continues to build his empire to unexpected heights but one woman threatens his emotional detachment and shows him what he’s missing and the reader can’t help but get caught up in all the sparks and passion that fly when these two come together. The chemistry between Charlie and Melanie leaps off the pages and the sex scenes are a fiery inferno of passion that leaves readers a little scorched but the relationship is a shambling emotional mess that takes a lot of hard work and rethinking. The characters are strong compelling and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers hovering in expectation with lots of suspense and smoldering passion.

First we have two people who are seemingly opposites but both are very stubborn and stuck in their ways, then we have the fact that they live totally opposite lives and along with their emotional issues ensures that there is never a dull moment in this rocky romance. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life and the well orchestrated events ensure that the reader has to know everything that happens from the beginning to the end. For additional spice and depth we have some well meaning friends and family that have to give their advice but also show them both that they do have people they can count on.

I was completely caught up in this story from the very beginning and I have to say that Charlie and Melanie captured my heart and I love his proposal (the one she answered).  I am looking forward to reading the next one, I wonder if it will be David’s or maybe even Mason’s (him getting caught should be real interesting and fun).


Tycoon Takedown

11 Responses to “Review: Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2) by Ruth Cardello”

  1. Marcy Meyer

    I just started this book last night. Great review! Can’t wait to dive into this one! I’m a big fan of Ruth Cardello!

  2. Mayas Sanders

    I truly enjoyed this book. Charlie grew up and went with his heart and advice from likely sources.

  3. formerteach

    I loved Charlie and Melanie’s story. I too am looking forward to the next one. I”m hoping for David… but Mason would work too! nice review!

  4. Tina Brimlow

    I just love Ruth Cardello and her books. Thanks for leaving this amazing review.

  5. Bev Sten

    I loved this book as much as you guys did. It’s awesome book. Melanie and Charles finally get it right. I love Ruthie and her books. That’s an amazing review.

  6. cynthia

    I love this book. Nice review. Looking forward to more books by Ruth Cardello and your reviews (The Jeep Diva)

  7. bh313

    I have this one to read this weekend! Really looking forward to it now.

  8. Joan

    I loved the review. Author Ruth Cardello is an awesome story teller and I loved your review. I too can’t wait for the next one. Melanie and Charlie are great characters who tell a great story. Once again, great review!

  9. Pamela Reveal

    So looking forward to reading this, Ruth Cardello brings so much to her books, I have found out once I start them I can’t put them down