Review: Under the Hood Boxed Set (Under the Hood #1-3) by Sally Clements

September 9, 2016 Review 0

Under the Hood is a collection of three novellas about three girlfriends and how they found love where they least expected it. Alice, Betty, and Mel own and operate a females only garage.  They cater to female clients who feel at ease coming to them for their car repairs.
Under The Hood shares the name of this box set and it is also the name of the garage the three best friends own.  Alice is featured here.  She happens upon Mark one day figuring he needs assistance with his car.  Only Mark knows all about cars, but uses it as an excuse to see her again. Things moved fast in this novella!  Alice and Mark are super hot together and after one kiss there was no way to douse those flames!  I loved it!
Love For Beginners features Melody, Mel as they call her, and Heath.  When Alice breaks her ankle, the garage gets seriously backed logged with vehicles needing repair.  Alice’s brother, Heath, needs a change in his life and he comes to aid the garage and get away from his family’s business at the same time.  He really wants to go for a career change to photography and some scenic photos may just be the ticket to success!  He wasn’t counting on the connection he and Mel share.  Both have plans for their lives and all this chemistry just complicates things.  This I think was my favorite!  Mel is complicated and feels she’s asexual based on her limited experience with guys.  That theory is blown to bits when the electricity between the two cannot be denied.  I felt Mel’s struggles to define what she was feeling.  It was so foreign to her.  And Heath had the same fish-out-of-water feelings too!  He never wanted to settle in one place and have a family.  Mel is making him re-think those plans.  Awesome read!!
Racing The Hunter’s Moon is Betty and Joe’s story.  Even though Betty works at the garage, she also sidelines doing detective work.  She’s hunting down the man that swindled her mother and wants to make him pay! She watches all those TV crime shows and believes she knows what she’s doing.  When she’s in the midst of tailing the conman, she’s warned by Joe to stop interfering.  He then kisses her so that the conman doesn’t see her.  Joe is with the FBI and working on a case that involves the same man, they decide to team up to catch him.  This was the most fun of the three novellas!  It had some laugh out loud moments as well as some serious drama!  Danger and secrets are at the heart and I enjoyed watching these two fall into a romance they didn’t expect!

I highly recommend this box set by Sally Clements!  It’s such a sweet distraction from those heavy long novels.  These can be read very quickly and of course all the characters mix in all three books.  I loved each of the stories of unexpected love!  It was a real delight to read and look forward to reading some of the author’s other works!

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