Review: Unexpected Consequences by Mia Catherine

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Review: Unexpected Consequences by Mia Catherine

Book One in the Consequences Series.

While working to recruit his former best friend to join sides with a notorious mob boss, Nick Jensen unknowingly falls in love with his best friend’s sister.

Kelsey Braden has lived her life obeying the rules, but now that she’s back in her hometown of Brookfield after accepting her dream job, she wants more. Stuck in her protective shell and desperately wanting a way out, she finally decides to be spontaneous and acts on impulse.

Nick Jensen has lived a life full of challenges and pain. An intimidating loner, his history of mistakes and bad choices have alienated those once close to him. Now he finds himself working for the wrong people, and struggling with his current assignment – betraying his former best friend.

When Kelsey finds out the hot stranger she's fallen for is not only working for a well-known gangster, but that his target is her brother, she vows to cut him from her life. Unfortunately, the powerful men Nick is involved with have discovered the connection Kelsey has with both Nick and her brother, and decide to use her as an insurance policy. Nick has to find a way to save his new love, protect her brother, and prevent Kelsey from hating him, all while battling demons of his own.

Title: Unexpected Consequences
Author: Mia Catherine
Series: Consequences #1
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: October 11th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 269
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Mia Catherine pens an entertaining novel of romantic suspense in Unexpected Consequences, the first book in the Consequences series.

Finally willing to step out of her comfort zone, Kelsey Braden decides to go after the hot-looking blond-haired, green-eyed guy at the bar, Nick Jensen. The sexual tension between them ignites during a game of pool, and the extremely hot sex on his Harley shortly after completely had me completely captivated by this couple. After being so bold with Nick, the shy and conservative Kelsey returns. Kelsey is such an interesting character as she tries to balance the good girl she has always been with the sexy young woman she is with Nick that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. My first impression of Nick left me disliking him because of his reason for being in town. But, the kind way he treats Kelsey shows a soft side to the bad boy that I absolutely loved. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how Catherine would handle when Nick discovers that Kelsey is the sister of the man he came to town to betray in the first place. I hoped Catherine would be able to redeem Nick’s character, and I’m happy to say that Catherine doesn’t disappoint at all!

Enjoyable from the lust-filled beginning to the pulse-pounding dramatic conclusion, Unexpected Consequences is a thoroughly satisfying read and a great start to a new series.

New Adult Romance
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