Review: Unexpected Moments (Unexpected #2) by Bailey Bradford

December 10, 2014 Review 1

Review: Unexpected Moments (Unexpected #2) by Bailey Bradford

Love begins at the most unexpected moment.

Carter Hausemann and Eddie Canales are embarking on a new romance. They know they’re compatible sexually. Now it’s time to find out if they’re meant for each other—and a third man, because Carter has always known what he needed, he’d just been afraid to reach for it.

Eddie will do whatever it takes to make Carter happy, and since he’s not the jealous type as long as he’s included, he’s more than willing to see if a relationship can work between three men. But first he and Carter need to concentrate on them.

Dare Habrock has the microbrew everyone’s talking about. He also has a secret that has kept him from having a lover in far too long.

When these three meet, they begin to understand that love flourishes in the most unexpected moments.

But someone is determined to destroy every bit of joy they have.

Title: Unexpected Moments
Series: Unexpected
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: December 12, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, Menage
Pages: 188
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames
Bailey Bradford

Bailey Bradford deserves a huge thanks for Unexpected Moments. I enjoyed Eddie and Carter and the hotness they shared in Unexpected Places. I was also left wanting more. Carter made it clear from the very beginning he wanted the love of two men. Eddie was very receptive to this idea, but alas at the end of the first Unexpected book readers are given a two man happy for now.

Unexpected Moments picks up just a couple weeks later. Carter and Eddie are enjoying each other’s company as often as they can. The relationship is new and they enjoy everything about the other. They both realize they are falling hard and fast for each other and they are loving every minute of it. Carter has moments of guilt when he feels that Eddie should be enough and he shouldn’t want another man with them. The mild struggles and healthy discussions about that felt real and sincere.

One of their dates allows them for the chance meeting of Dare. Dare isn’t looking for a relationship or a hookup. He notices the flirting from Eddie and Carter and it confuses this shy and awkward man. Dare hasn’t dated one man in a while, two seems like more than he could ever hope to please. He’s not even sure where he would fit in and he knows he never wants to be loved second best.

I liked the way Dare was incorporated into Carter and Eddie’s existing relationship. They were all about sharing each other equally. The three vastly different personalities and backgrounds make this relationship feel like one that will always have something fresh and new to it. It felt genuinely lasting. Due to a previous issue the guys are not given an easy road to their happily ever after. Eddie, Carter, and Dare are going to have to overcome some outside forces to see their relationship through.

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