Review: Up by Five (Counting on Love #5) by Erin Nicholas

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Review: Up by Five (Counting on Love #5) by Erin Nicholas

He's in the middle of the last thing he wanted… and the best thing to ever happen.

Ace paramedic Conner Dixon has sworn to never live with another woman after raising his four younger sisters. They have been giving him gray hair since they lost their father fifteen years ago. Now they're all in love and Conner's ready to retire-- from worrying, fixing problems and cleaning up messes.

Of course, when his fellow paramedic, Gabrielle Evans, needs a place to stay after her apartment burns down, Conner can't say no. But it's no problem-- Gabby's just one of the guys.

Gabby's penchant for poker and her ability to overhaul a transmission definitely make her different from Conner's usual women. She also has no interest in getting involved with him. Conner's crazy mix of family and friends is the last thing Gabby needs right now. She has her sights set on medical school in the fall and knows success depends on focus and commitment.

But within forty-eight hours of moving in, Gabby's in the middle of a family crisis that could disprove all her I-don't-need-anyone bluster and Conner's in the middle of the last thing he wanted-a girl and all her stuff, all over his stuff. Still, the more she makes herself at home, the more he thinks that's maybe exactly where her stuff should be. For good.

Warning: Contains a girl who thinks she wants to be just one of the guys, a guy who happily proves why that won't work, and a very good reason to buy cinnamon roll icing-you know, other than for use on cinnamon rolls.

Title: Up by Five
Author: Erin Nicholas
Series: Counting on Love #5
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: April 8, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 330
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

This has been languishing on my tbr list since last June.  *hanging head* I really don’t know why I waited so long to get to it.  I adored the first four books of this series, and yes I will be going back at some point and reading The Bradfords.  Now saying that, I will tell you, you can read each of these as stand-alone books.  All these characters show up and participate in each book, and your reading enjoyment may be enhanced by reading all that came before, but you will not be lost if you haven’t read the others.  I haven’t read the The Bradfords series yet, but all of these people show up and actively participate in the Counting on Love series.  I did not feel lost or slighted at all.  They just work very well as secondary characters to the current book.  So, jump in where ever.  If you are anything like me, you will go back and read the others just because you love the people, the community, and the wonderful job the author does at weaving each story without feeling like she is being repetitive.

The Counting on Love series features the Dixon family – Connor is the oldest and the only boy.  He pretty much raised his four younger sisters after their father died.  Well, he thinks he did anyway.  Now that they are all grown and have found their loves,  he can “retire” and just enjoy being a brother, buying gifts and just being there for them.  They each now have someone else to solve their problems or get them out of trouble.  Now this may make Connor sound a bit arrogant and/or selfish, but really, he is just a super sweet guy who loves girls in general and his family in particular.  Having devoted all of his time and effort to his sisters, his job, and his good buddies, he didn’t need or want another relationship.  But, the women buzzed around him like honey bees to a flower.  He always kept it light and simple with no strings.  Surprisingly, all the women were okay with that.  They all seemed to adore him and left, after cooking him breakfast, as friends.

That is until fellow paramedic Gabrielle Evans moved in with him after her apartment burned down, leaving her homeless.  Connor has a bit of hero complex and a spare bedroom.  Why shouldn’t she move in for a bit while she gets her life back on track?  She is “one of the guys.”  A co-worker.  No big deal.  Except she came out of that fire with only the clothes on her back and considering it was the middle of the night, and she had been sleeping, it wasn’t very many clothes.   Connor got to see Gabby in a whole new way.

She was a girl.  A very attractive girl.  Not his type, but that didn’t seem to matter.  She tripped his switch.  But, she was so very independent.  She could not only rescue people as well as him, but she could change her own oil, she loved sports, and could kick butt at the poker table.  She sure didn’t need him for help or protection.

I very much enjoyed this couple.  Their “discovering” each other after working together for two years was fun and entertaining.  Throw in the machinations of their separate families and multitude of friends, anything can, and often does, happen.

Erin Nicholas fans, I hope you haven’t missed this one.  I think this may have been the best of the Counting on Love series.  I loved each of the girl’s stories, but watching big brother slam into love and finally “get it” is not to be missed.  If you haven’t read Erin Nicholas, but love those Harlequin style romances with a bit of hot sex, jump in.  You will love this one.  It is fun and lighthearted.  I find myself wanting to become part of this amazing, riotous “family.”  Bet you will too.

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