Review: Up in Flames (Firehouse Three #1) by Sidney Bristol

November 4, 2016 Review 0

Review: Up in Flames (Firehouse Three #1) by Sidney Bristol

He wants her . . .

Fireman Hunter Shaw is a world-class screwup. He’s got a lifetime of experience tanking every good thing that’s come his way. But when a shy, curvy brunette wins him at a charity auction to benefit a local rescue shelter, he realizes she’s got as much a way with him as with the dogs. Can he convince her he’s on her side when she’s framed for arson?

She wants control . . .

Demolition specialist Jessie Durcell is in deep trouble when someone steals her explosives. Her brothers blame her, the cops suspect her, and the only person she can turn to is her sinfully sexy one-night stand. Can she trust the tattooed fireman? He’s wooed her pack of canine miscreants and her brothers hate him. He might just be the man she needs in her corner.

A deadly arsonist wants to send Dallas UP IN FLAMES.

Title: Up In Flames
Author: Sidney Bristol
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Series: Firehouse Three
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Published by Inked Press
Source: Publisher
Published: October 25, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 213
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Jesse Durcell spends her time between demolition jobs doing what she loves, playing with dogs. The amazing thing about Jesse is that when she’s playing with dogs she’s really training them. She trains scent dogs. Her best friend helps her get great pooches through her animal rescue. The next great scent pup find is how Jesse ends up at the charity event. It’s a win win for Jesse. She gets to make a donation to her friends shelter, get a new pup to train, all the while unknowingly getting the hottest one night stand of her life.

Being auctioned off at a charity auction isn’t a big deal for Hunter. He knows it’s for a great cause and he finds the pooch that he gets to babysit for the evening as kind of cute. He gets the added bonus of Fido drawing the attention of Jesse. Jesse just happens to be everything he never realized he wanted in a woman, especially a woman in his life. As luck would have it she’s also his winning bidder.

The C4 isn’t the only thing explosive in this sexy little book. Hunter and Jesse have some very sexy hot times before all hell breaks loose due to the theft that rocks Jesse’s world. She has a hard enough time as it is doing a man’sjob while working with her brothers that still see her as someone who needs taken care of. A new relationship with a guy who should have been a one night stand is going to be the least of her worries when the thieves take more than just explosives.

I never grasped how Hunter is a “world-class screwup.” He has this low opinion of himself that really isn’t supported. The few things that were presented seemed like minor things that he just needed to get over. The fact that ladies have seen him only as a hot tumble in the sack and never relationship material wasn’t enough to convince me that he was a screw-up. Maybe I just liked seeing him how Jesse did, as the good bad boy.

I needed a little closure where Jesse, her brothers, and Durcell Construction was concerned. Towards the end of Up In Flames there was a business meeting that had some serious, possible repercussions. The details of the meeting were left unknown thus the fallout wasn’t really specified. This allowed for the aftermath to go unsaid, unnoticed, or unresolved.

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