Review: Vampire in Paradise (Deadly Angels #5) by Sandra Hill

November 22, 2014 Review 0

Review: Vampire in Paradise (Deadly Angels #5) by Sandra Hill

The vangels are back in Vampire in Paradise, the latest in Sandra Hill's bestselling Deadly Angels series...

It's been centuries since the Norseman Sigurd Sigurdsson was turned into a Vangel—a Viking Vampire Angel—as punishment for his sin of envy, but he's still getting the hang of having fangs that get in the way when seducing women. Slaying demon vampires known as Lucipires and using his healing gifts as a cancer research doctor, Sigurd is sent to Florida's Grand Keys Island as a resident physician . . . where he encounters a sinfully beautiful woman.

The only hope Marisa Lopez has of curing her five-year-old daughter is a pricey experimental procedure. When she meets the good-looking doctor, Marisa is speechless. Then Sigurd tells her he believes he can help her daughter. Could this too-hot-to-resist Viking doctor be an angel of some sort sent to bring a miracle for her daughter? Or is he just a vampire bent on breaking Marisa's heart?

Title: Vampire in Paradise
Author: Sandra Hill
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Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: November 25, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

Envy is his sin, killing Lucipires is his job and his newest assignment has Sigurd on Grand Keys Island as a physician to stop the Lucipires’ newest recruitment scheme only he’s being distracted by Marisa, a young woman contemplating sin in order to save her daughter in this riveting paranormal romance.

There is never a dull moment in this fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of suspense, excitement and romance. Sandra Hill brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and the well orchestrated suspense draws the reader into the story while the fascinating world ensures they keep coming back for more.

Marisa and Sigurd’s attraction to each other may be hot enough to scorch the island but this is one relationship that needs a lot of work. The reader can’t help but get caught up in their story as they constantly clash against each other while fighting their desires. The sexy vangel gives his orders and Marisa steadily ignores them and the emotionally gripping tale of a young mother trying to save her daughter adds lots of depth and of course the readers can easily relate to her conviction that she will do everything to save her child.

While this story of course has its emotionally gripping side, its exciting spine tingling dangerous side, and its red hot passionate side, it also has lots of humor and fun as the resort full of sinners (perfect setting for Luci’s right?) adds a few chuckles and snarky comments. Once again, I fell in love with a vangel, so now my sin is envy because I envy Marisa her Viking. Oh yeah and I enjoyed their story and I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next vangel to come along.


Vampire in Paradise

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