Review: The Vampire’s Curse (Things in the Night #3) by Mandy Rosko

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Review: The Vampire’s Curse (Things in the Night #3) by Mandy Rosko

She'll help him whether she wants to or not...

In a city that cannot be found on any map that is inhabited entirely by witches, warlocks, vampires, and werewolves, Kyle McKane is seeking a cure for a curse that turns him into a blood hungry vampire during the night, and leaves him an exhausted, sleep deprived human during the day.

Jackie Moore is probably the worst witch in the city apart from her ability to heal wounds and illnesses with a touch of her lips. She rarely sees outsiders and is stunned to come face to teeth with Kyle when he finally succumbs to his hunger and attempts to bite her.

Instead she grabs him by the ears and kisses away his curse before he can sink his fangs into her. The problem is that the cure is only temporary until Kyle turns again the next night, and then goes out in search of Jackie so that she can help him, whether she wants to or not.

Title: The Vampire's Curse
Author: Mandy Rosko
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Series: Things in the Night #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Dragon And The Wolf , The Legend of the Werewolf, The Shepard's Agony
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: April 21, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 260
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: two-flames

Jackie isn’t your average witch. She may look like it but don’t ask her to cast a spell unless you want something to blow up. If you need healing, it’s just a kiss away. Kyle isn’t your normal vampire. By night, he’s a vamp, by day, a human. He wasn’t born this way, he was cursed. A chance encounter, a quick kiss and Kyle finds he’s human again. It’s only temporary and Kyle wants something permanent and Jackie is going to help him find it, but first, they need to find out what is killing feral vampires.

Welcome to Griffon City…that is, if you can find it.

I found The Vampire’s curse to be quite a fun story to read full of interesting characters and enough surprising plot twist to keep me riveted and entertained from beginning to end. Let’s start with the characters. With Jackie being a witch unable to perform a spell correctly I expected, and was not disappointed, to find this book somewhat comical. Not the slapstick type but more of the giggle out loud style. Not sure if that was the author’s intent but the fun characters and they odd antics sure had me smiling at times. Jackie was an easy one to love. I found her somewhat of a underdog yet quirky and a fun character to follow. I really didn’t care for Kyle in the beginning. Frankly, I found him somewhat uninteresting. I think it was right around midway through I realized there’s a bit of a mystery and whodunit to solve. It wasn’t until then his unusual situation, IE his curse, sparked my interest. Despite Jackie’s method of healing, there is very little sexual heat to be found although it’s very easy to see the growing attraction between Jackie and Kyle. Instead, we are graced with a story that is allowed to stand on its own without smothering the reading in what could have obviously been one giant tacky cliché. In case you missed it, she heals by kissing.

This is my first book by author Mandy Rosko, I find her writing style, at least in this book, very entertaining. My interest has been perked and I plan to continue on with her writing as well as this series. The Vampire’s Curse is a very good start to Things in the Night series and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading paranormal romances.

The Vampire's Curse
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