Review: A Veil of Secrets (Araneae Nation #5) by Hailey Edwards

January 7, 2015 Review 1

Review: A Veil of Secrets (Araneae Nation #5) by Hailey Edwards

Some secrets are best forgotten.

Fresh from the battlefields of Erania, Marne rides south with Edan, headed for the city of Beltania. Among the Mimetidae guards accompanying them is Asher, who’s been a thorn in her side since the day they met. He’s rude and abrasive…yet he was the first to volunteer as escort.

Marne dreams of a fresh start where no one knows who—or what—she is. But first, they must cross the veil. Rumor has it spirits haunt that grim stretch of road, and unwary travelers who enter are never heard from again.

Veil or no veil, Asher is honor bound to see Marne safely to her new home. Though truth be told, Marne leaving Erania is the last thing he wants. This journey is his final chance to convince her distance will only make his heart grow fonder.

When Edan is lost to the mists, Marne is trapped in a strange land with no allies—with a man who draws her closer every day. Closer to her heart, and her secrets. Secrets she must reveal if they are to save the one man bent on tearing them apart.

Warning: This book contains one heroine willing to fly into the face of danger and the hero who gives her heart wings. This adventure is BYOM, Bring Your Own Meal. Trust me, where we’re going, takeout is to die for. Literally.
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Title: A Veil of Secrets
Author: Hailey Edwards
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: 30 December 2014
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 218
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

Each installment in this series gives me another new ‘ooh I love that element’ moment, and usually several.  From the excellent world-building to characters that are alive on the pages, tension and action that never ends and the ability to combine ‘spider-like’ qualities into a book and not completely turn me off, Hailey Edwards has done it all for me with this series.

Humor and sharp wit in the placement of ‘moments’ between her characters and their interactions, emotional elements that are plausible and honest, and several different storylines that braid together in different patterns to bring back familiar characters while building to the final battles, this is a series best read in order: I took a weekend.

In this installment we have characters still reeling from the last book, where some answers left hanging there are finally starting to become apparent here. Marne is a half-turned harbringer, surviving the plague but able to control her lust for flying about and eating people.  Her brother, Edan is over-protective, determined and has a not-to-be-denied attitude.  These two are so supportive of one another, and Edan is determined to help Marne keep her deadly secret safe, despite the ever-encroaching danger.  But, when you add Asher into the mix, a guard that is going to help them on their journey, and his fear of being controlled and manipulated by Marne as he has been by other women in his past, the interplay between these three, and especially between Marne and Asher is wonderful

And this is where and why I love Edward’s characters: her heroines are not wishy-washy. They don’t resort to tricks and feminine wiles, or manipulative devices to ‘win’, they are strong, determined and courageous –and if the man they like is amenable, so be it.  Such a wholesale change from the push-pull of difficult relationships, or overly angst ridden reads, the angst is from the overriding story  of the plague and the dangers resulting from it – the romances are solidly built with insecurities and questions clearly delineated.

The fifth full-length book in the series and it just keeps getting better and richer. With laughs, steam and multiple quests for information, solutions and safety, I can’t wait for the answers.



A cupcake enthusiast and funky sock lover possessed of an overactive imagination, Hailey lives in Alabama with her handcuff-carrying hubby, her fluty-tooting daughter and their herd of dachshunds.

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  1. Pansy Petal

    There are so many possibilities in fantasy romance. I mean really, anything is possible. The imagination is the limit. Love it. Thank you.