Review: Vicious by Olivia Rivard

March 14, 2015 Review 0

Review:  Vicious by Olivia Rivard

Built for death…altered by love.

When the world convulsed under the burden of overpopulation, hardly anyone noticed a few girls going missing. Turned against her will into something out of a horror movie, Anna was one of those girls. But she learns to control the hungry monster she has become, and she gets out.
After orchestrating the escape from the secret lab, Anna leads a faction of freed vampires and searches for a peaceful balance between human society and her new family. Then she meets Grant.

Grant walks into Anna’s world unafraid, looking for adventure, on a quest for something to believe in, something to fight for.

But love is a complication Anna can’t afford. Not when she’s in a power struggle with a rival group of vampires and another laboratory in another prison has been discovered. Except Grant won’t be pushed away easily.

Anna needs all the vampires to work together to take down the laboratory, and the leader of the rival faction has shown a deadly interest in Grant.

Product Warnings
Contains a reluctant vampire and a hero who doesn’t hesitate to step into the danger zone to be with her.

Title: Vicious
Author: Olivia Rivard
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: March 18th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 302
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-half-flames

WOW! Although I read the blurb and obviously liked it enough to read, this book is SO MUCH BETTER than the blurb. Thanks to a friend completely bullying me into reading paranormals (I didn’t used to read them at all), I find myself gravitating toward them more and more. So….vampire? I’m in!

When you first start this book, it reads from multiple POV’s, almost like a movie script. You get to know, or at least meet, 4-5 characters before you’re even 15% in. I enjoyed this because it kept me guessing as to where the story was heading. By the time I got 30% in, there was no way I putting this down.

Usually when you read about vampires, they’ve been created by a previous vamp and so forth. Not these vampires. The unconventional way they are turned will shock you, at least shocked me. Because of this unexpected way of turning humans into vampires, it leads to an awesome chain of events that keep you glued to your pages.

Anna, one of the first to be turned, leads her followers, along with a human (Grant) on a mission to take out one of the facilities that is mimicking these transformations. Obviously, these vampires are a little pissed that they’ve been turned against their will and don’t want others to suffer like them.

Grant, a college journalism student, heads to New Orleans with his mates. On the first night, he eyes Anna from across the room and once he approaches her, his life would never be the same. Although a human, he some how gets the beautiful vampire to agree to him tagging along on the mission and not get killed.

Is there chemistry between Anna and Grant? Yep, sure is. Is it hot and heavy? No, this is totally PG in the romance department, but a solid PG13 in paranormal activity.

The way this ended, I’m not sure if there will be another one, but I hope there is. As far as I’m concerned, there were a few “issues” that haven’t been settled yet.




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