Review: Viral Justice (Biological Response Team #3) by Julie Rowe

February 1, 2016 Review 0

Review: Viral Justice (Biological Response Team #3) by Julie Rowe

As a general's daughter, Alicia Stone has fought twice as hard for everything she's earned in the military. A Special Forces consultant with black belts in three martial arts, she's as strong as her surname implies. No one dares call her Alicia—no one but Colonel Robert Maxmillian, head of the Biological Response Team.

With Alicia at his side, Max must lead the team into northern Iraq to investigate a virus—or is it a weapon—killing the area's population. Charged with guarding his body, she can't help wanting his hands on her body. Max would be the perfect fling. But he demands more.

The heat builds between them, but danger quickly follows. As the two get closer to the source of the virus, they'll have to risk their future to outsmart a scientist with nothing to lose.

Book three of Biological Response Team

Title: Viral Justice
Author: Julie Rowe
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Series: Biological Response Team #3
Published by Carina Press
Source: Author
Published: February 1, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 258
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Viral Justice had the making for a great read for me. Biological warfare is scary and has the realm of really happening so I’m always curious on how an author will put a spin on it. Action, adventure, intrigue swirling around romance and the possibilities of scary what ifs. It was a good read, except for one thing that killed it for me.

The premise is this: Colonel Max heads up the Army’s Biological Response Team. He’s responsible for identifying and destroying possibly biological hazards and weapons. There’s an outbreak of a possible flu virus in a remote Iraq village that he needs to go out and investigate. Seeing that he couldn’t fight or shoot his way out of a paper bag, he’s assigned Sergeant Alicia Stone, who’s a trainer for the Special Forces Combatives program, as his personal bodyguard. She has a few issues with other male officers who think they know better than her, so she has a bit of a rep. She’s taking on the job to teach him how to defend himself while keeping some crazed madman from killing him. Sparks fly between them and things start to sizzle. They head to Iraq and find the flu is spreading rapidly and is killing most people who contract it. Now they need to find a cure before it spreads out and infects the world.

This is my first book in the Biological Response Team series. It was exciting and actioned packed. I really enjoyed all the characters. Between the flu that had people dropping like flies and the military aspect there was more than enough excitement to keep me hooked from cover to cover. I got to give it to author Julie Rowe. She had no problem killing off characters in this book, which give it a very authentic feel to a military/biological weapon feel. Everybody can’t stay alive and some that she called took me by surprised. Action packed from cover to cover that will keep a read’s blood pumping. Here is where my problem lays.

Maybe if I had read the previous books I might have a better understanding of Max, Ali and their relationship. I did like Max, honest I did. I just didn’t feel he was a very strong male character. He’s a colonel and yes he can’t/won’t shoot a gun or defend himself? How is that possible? Ali on the other hand I felt was a bit too strong. I get she is military and she feels the need to prove herself but at times it felt like she was taking that chip on her should to beat that ‘I’m a tough girl so don’t mess with me’ horse to death. Maybe if I had had the knowledge that they knew each other and there was already an attraction going on there I wouldn’t have been so bothered by how quickly they hopped into the sack. Really, I have no clue but I did tried to put those faults behind me so I could enjoy the book.

Overall Viral Justice was a good read. There’s enough of a cliffy at the end that I’m lured in to see where it goes so this won’t be the end of the series for me. As for reading more books by Julie Rowe, count me in. Despite the few issues I had, I would recommend this book.


Viral Justice
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