Review: Warrior (Breeder #3) by Cara Bristol

August 24, 2017 Review 0

Review: Warrior (Breeder #3) by Cara Bristol

Between war and duty, they find love…

On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love with another, she is unable to accept the arrangement and flees. Bound by his duty, her lover Urazi intends to bring her back to fulfill her function. But war intervenes, and as their planet fights a desperate battle against a villainous despot, Anika and Urazi become united in their determination to save their people. But with their lives on the line, the love they share may become the biggest risk of all.

The third book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, Warrior can be read as a stand-alone.

Title: Warrior
Author: Cara Bristol
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Series: Breeder #3
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: August 14, 2017
Genres: Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 314
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Warrior is the final entry into the Breeder series and it certainly did go out with a bang. War is marching on here on Parseon and things are not going to so well for its people but that isn’t going to stop Commander Marlix from finding a Alpha for his breeder sister, Anika. She has feeling for his former Beta, Urazi, and wants nothing to do with anyone else. So what does any smart breeder do during war? She runs away! Yes that smart breeder comment was meant as sarcasm but let’s face it, there is a war going on and her brother is on the top 5 kill list of the enemy. Urazi has affections for her, too, and he of course has to go after her… and not with Marlix’s knowledge or blessings. Violence, deceit and women who actually thing for themselves – what are the men of this planet going to do!


I’ve read this series from the beginning and I knew the final book was going to be interesting. Women were eventually going to rebel and who else to start it up but one of the leader’s sisters. Anika was quite the little rebel running away. She was this conflicting combination of subservience and strong-willed. Her development from meek to fierce made for a great read. Urazi was equally interesting. You could tell he wanted to totally dominate her but still there was this gentle side, the one with emotions he shouldn’t have because it’s taboo on their planet. Watching them struggle to not only to eventually become a couple but also to help when the war made for some excellent reading. As for the war portion of the story, there are some fairly unexpected twists along the way as well as some characters that really brought this story to life, one of them being Perce. I originally thought he was a throw-away character; just some fluff added to carry on the story when in reality he wasn’t. I like it when a author can catch me off-guard so thoroughly. I may have to re-read the whole series again to see if I missed any other interesting secondary characters.


So the Breeder series has come to it end and as I predicted there’s a change afoot going on in this misogynistic-type society. I’m not going into detail because it would spoil the fun for other readers. Let’s just say, epilogue is all that I thought it was going to be. I’m going to miss reading this series but I am happy everybody got there HEA. I don’t recommend reading this book as a stand-alone. There’s a lot of planet history in the first two books that lead to the epic ending. Without that back-story knowledge, Warrior would only be a love story between Anika and Urazi. Read the Breeder series from the beginning and I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I did.


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