Review: The Weredog Whisperer:Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery #2 by Susan Abel Sullivan

December 18, 2013 Review 2

Review: The Weredog Whisperer:Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery #2 by Susan Abel Sullivan

The Tidwells are supposed to be on spring break on the Florida Gulf Coast, not up to their eyeballs in paranormal hijinks … again. Bertram wants a baby, but Cleo isn’t real keen on the idea. After all, her sister, Molly, has four of ‘em—who needs more? Hoping to throw Bertram off the baby trail, they adopt Luna, a white pit bull terrier, and take her to Florida with them, along with Bertram’s mother and Cleo’s nieces. Everybody loves Luna, especially the goofy little dog at a tacky tourist trap touting something called a “weredog whisperer,” so much so that he puts the moves on Luna and gives her a love bite during the throes of puppy love.

But when Luna shape shifts into a teenage girl on the first night of the full moon, the Tidwells wind up with an instant were-daughter. Poof!Just add moonbeams. A video of Luna’s transformation goes viral and the Tidwells are hounded by an array of reporters, sight seers, animal rights kooks, Hot Diggity Dog Pet Foods, a couple of hungry weresharks, a motley crew of weredogs, and AASS—a secret society of shape shifters that considers Luna an abomination and orders her immediate extermination.

The Tidwells’ vacation has gone to the dogs—literally—as they jump through hoops to protect their unexpected new were-daughter from a dog-eat-dog world.

Title: The Weredog Whisperer
Author: Susan Abel Sullivan
Published by World Weaver Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 31 December, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 320
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: one-flame
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The second Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery, Weredog Whisperer was even more enjoyable than the first, with the return of the indomitable Cleo, her adorably supportive husband Bertram and her mother-in-law Georgia.  Also for effect, we are on spring break with Cleo’s four nieces, and a newly adopted pit bull named Luna as a tester for the ‘parenting thing”.

Of course, this is Cleo, and the backwoods of the Florida panhandle are rife with strange characters: Cleo and her family meet nearly all of them.  First stop in the minivan from hell is a stop at a tourist trap offering a Were dog Whisperer show.  Ramshackle and run down, the amusement park is scary cool for a 6 year old, scarily lame for anyone older. Highlight of their night was the nearly hairless man who entered a cage in a tiny red thong speedo, emerging as a nearly hairless Chinese Crested dog.

From this point on, if you’ve ever experienced a series of unfortunate events, you will with Chloe and her family.  From events that, were you not already somewhat inured to the paranormal from a haunted Velvet Elvis in the last book, would send you to the funny farm, all the way to events that jeopardize everyone’s life, including Cleo’s.   A teenaged girl who has the experience and behavioral compass of a dog,  a veterinarian with the energy level of a Jack Russell Terrier, a mother in law who believes that aqua net fueled bic-lit flamethrowers are an appropriate response and a real “shark” of a rental agent and these are only some of the characters one will encounter.

I can’t really share some, without spoiling so: if you like some chaos, with lots of different shifters, a narrator (in Chloe) who rarely swears, is usually polite and surprisingly accepting of all the paranormal weirdness that surrounds her and enjoy a fun story – this is it.  Add in a few moments of laugh until you cry and this is as good, if not better, than the first in the series.  And puts Chloe Tidwell firmly on my must read her next adventure list.

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  1. maggiedr

    Great review and I enjoyed both of the Cleo Tidwell books. But midway through, you start referring to Cleo as Chloe. Close but not quite right!

  2. Denise Z

    This looks like a fun read. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have an awesome Holiday!