Review: When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity #12) by Alexandra Ivy

May 23, 2015 Review 1

Review: When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity #12) by Alexandra Ivy

The Guardians of Eternity are facing a final battle to save their world—but battles of the heart may be the most difficult to fight…

Cyn, the vampire clan chief of Ireland, is an unabashed hedonist whose beauty is surpassed only by his insatiable appetite for pleasure. It’s no wonder he’s furious when he’s transported from the magical land of the pureblooded feys to his desolate private lair—only to have his very existence thrown into a chaos that even he cannot charm his way out of…

Most women may be all but powerless against Cyn, but Fallon, a sharp-witted fairy princess, is less than beguiled by the silver-tongued vampire. She’s a serious soul with no time for the sort of games he plays—especially when they learn that someone is trying to close the veil that separates the dimensions. But seduction may prove the most powerful force of all, as attraction ignites between the unlikely pair even as worlds are colliding around them.

Title: When Darkness Ends
Author: Alexandra Ivy
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Series: Guardians of Eternity
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Published by Zebra
Source: Author
Published: May 26, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Say it isn’t so, the final Guardians of Eternity book. I’ve loved this series from the very beginning. Alexandra Ivy has created a paranormal world that doesn’t just focus on one otherworldly species. She has brought in so many different species that it has allowed for each book to remain fresh and exciting. The various villains have kept that going as well. When Darkness Ends brings together a Chatri princess and a clan chief vampire with the pairing of Cyn and Fallon.

Cyn and Fallon meet in Hunt the Darkness. The assignment that the Oracles place upon them is what puts them working together. One of the Oracles realizes that something is not right among them. While there is a pretty good hunch as to what is amiss they need some outside assistance to right the wrongs. Fallon’s royal Chatri blood has given her the ability to scry in a way which most others cannot. The Oracles need this to find out exactly who or what is behind what is going on among them.

For a vampire Cyn has been raised (from a foundling) by a different set of parents. It has given him a historical knowledge of species other than vampires. The Oracles know that he can assist Fallon with putting a stop to what is going on with the Oracles. Cyn’s top priority soon becomes Fallon. He realizes almost immediately that she is his mate and he doesn’t exactly fight it, his past comes back to bite him more often than not.

Fallon and Cyn as a romantic pairing makes for a super sexy read. He respects her and sees her as a female he wants in his life. He treats her like a person. Fallon has spent her whole life being treated as a special object that one must obtain to elevates ones social standing. Fallon has an interesting mix of intelligence, wit, and innocence.

Readers who have followed this series from the beginning like me will love that some of their favorite past characters make an appearance while having small roles. And of course Levet is there to play matchmaker and save the day.

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  1. Sophia Rose

    I’m sad to see it go, too, but was consolable when I saw that she’s doing a spin-off series. Glad you had an enjoyable read for the last one.