Review: WILD by Adrienne Wilder

November 9, 2017 Review 0

Review: WILD by Adrienne Wilder

August Vallory had it all. A modeling career, a man he loved, and the extended family he’d acquired in the business. Then the world he knew was torn away when the plane he was on crashed en route to a photo shoot.

Lost in the Alaskan wilderness, August doesn’t stand a chance.

No sane man would choose to live in the Alaskan bush unless he had something to hide. And Keegan Brooks has secrets darker than night, more dangerous than wolves, more brutal than an Alaskan winter.
Every day was a fight for his life until he stumbled upon a downed plane with a lone survivor. Now it’s no longer just Keegan’s life teetering on the edge of survival.

It’s his heart.

Title: WILD
Author: Adrienne Wilder
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: September 1, 2017
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 326
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Stars: three-half-stars
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I am having a moment when it comes to Wild. Normally I don’t have this problem when it comes to author Adrienne Wilder’s books. I’m usually all gaga and am ranting to everybody you HAVE to read this book. But this time, not so much. Which looking at other reviews, puts me firmly in the minority.

A quick rundown: August is a model and he, his boyfriend and the crew are all on a plane that crashes en route on a way to a shoot. Not sure if the shoot was in Alaska but that is where they crash. August is the only survivor on the plane, however, he is badly injured and between the cold and the wild animals, he is not going to make it unless a miracle happens. Which it does in the form of Keegan. Keegan has been hiding Alaskan bush, living alone, surviving. He’s on the run, among other things, from his dark past. He comes across the downed plane, finds August, and decides to rescue him.

The beginning to Wild was just WOW! We find out quite a bit about August in the very beginning so there really aren’t any surprises there. Then there’s the crash, the rescue, and surviving. All very edge of your seat exciting provided by all the unexpected. While August is an open book, the enigma of the story, of course, is Keegan. Why would anybody want to live 100 miles pass BFE if you don’t have to? That’s the crux of it all. Why is Keegan there! Once we find out the next question is why rescue August. Why would he take that risk? And it is quite the risk! The story continues as August heals. Keegan with his internal debates. Them getting to know each other. Friendship leading to something more. Daisy. Big ugly bears. Raw emotions. Yadda-yadda-yadda. And then the exciting ending where truths come out and pasts that don’t stay put.

So here in lays my crux. Yes, I know they are stuck in a cabin, healing, hiding, and building into something more. It’s the middle of winter so not too much variety for them, which also means no variety as well as for us the reader. Their sex was spicy and throwing Daisy into the plot to a certain extent helped. Unfortunately, I got bored. I know, I know. That’s the meat of the story. It’s where everything important, where raw emotions come into play, this is where it all happens. Just for me, I come away with an exciting beginning, a yowza ending, and a middle that was a meh plateau interrupted by a few random spikes. It was a good read in general, but overall, not my favorite from this author.


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