Review: Wild Fever (Chiasson #1) by Donna Grant

August 8, 2014 Review 1

Review: Wild Fever (Chiasson #1) by Donna Grant

Bound by darkness. Freed by love.


Olivia Breaux left the small Cajun town the day of her high school graduation and never looked back. Until an unfortunate event sends her home ten years later. Returning to her hometown brings back memories and long held desires for the impossibly gorgeous – and aloof – Vincent.


Handsome, resilient Vincent Chiasson takes his job as hunter to supernatural beings in the bayous seriously. When an unknown creature begins killing women the Chiasson family has contact with, Vincent knows this has something to do with his parents’ deaths years earlier. To make matters worse, the one woman he’s yearned to call his own has returned – and is targeted by the beast. He’ll have to face his past – and confront his future – to save Olivia.

Title: Wild Fever
Author: Donna Grant
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Series: Chiasson
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Source: Author
Published: February 10, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 132
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

Wild Fever the first book in Donna Grant’s new Chiasson series has a promising beginning to what I believe will be a great series of hot novellas. Readers are introduced to the sexy men of the Chiasson family. They are following in the footsteps of several generations of hunters. This family has hunted the monsters that many believe are just things that go bump in the night. Trust this Louisiana girl when I say there are plenty of things that go bump in the night down on the bayou.

There is something from the past currently hunting prey in the bayou and it is claiming those associated with the Chiasson’s. Vincent and his three brothers are hunting an enigma that seems to just disappear right before their eyes. The fact that it targets the recently returned Olivia has Vincent wondering just how this being knows so much about him and his brothers. Vincent also can’t help but wonder just how much Olivia know about what his family does with their hunting skills.

Olivia left Lyons Point nine years ago and never looked back. Circumstances out of her control have forced her to return home. She’s not happy about the situation but she is looking forward to going back to the home of her beloved grandmother. Her past crush Vincent showing up to protect her when an unknown being threatens her harm is just lagniappe to her homecoming.

While there are some paranormal elements to the Chiasson series I would not call them paranormal romance. The main characters that are falling in love are human. These humans just happen to be protecting the residents of their parish from the paranormal elements that threaten to cause the good humans harm.

Donna Grant

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  1. Red Iza

    I remember having read about this series once, I simply can’t forget the name of the series ! If you want to know why (and have already eaten), try to translate the French word “chiasse” into English and you’ll understand why I can’t be serious when I watch it.