Review: Wild Flame (Chiasson #4) by Donna Grant

May 16, 2015 Review 0

Review: Wild Flame (Chiasson #4) by Donna Grant


Ivy Pierce has had a harder life than most. She suffered tragedy at a young age then spent the next eleven years in and out of hospitals fighting an illness doctors couldn’t identify while watching her mother make sacrifices to take care of her. When Ivy finally gets better, she resigns herself to the fact that she can either have health or love, always afraid that the illness will return. Ivy never wants to burden anyone again, so she makes sure to keep everyone at arm's length. That is until Fate intervenes and puts her on a collision course with a gorgeous, charismatic Hunter who makes her blood burn and her heart skip a beat whenever he's near. Her biggest battle, however, may be learning that she’s worth saving.


Christian Chiasson dreamed of finding his soul mate - until the night his parents died. His father's bellow of grief that reverberated through the bayou has haunted Christian ever since. To keep his heart safe, Christian is content to let his brothers find romance and continue the family line. Although when Christian crosses paths with a beautiful and brave woman being hunted by minions of the Demon of Souls, he’s drawn to her in a way that cannot be explained. He suddenly finds that he would walk through the fires of Hell if it means she could live. Now that he’s found her, Christian can't imagine life without her.

Title: Wild Flames
Author: Donna Grant
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Series: Chiasson
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Source: Author
Published: May 18, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 166
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

It seems that those who fight falling in the love the hardest fall the hardest. That is exactly what Ivy and Christian have going for them. Ivy believes more than most her life has a short expiration date. She spent years in the hospital, bedridden with an unknown illness. While doing nothing but lying in a bed she witnessed her mother miss out on life while she took care of Ivy. Years later and seemingly healthy Ivy has vowed never to let someone get close enough to her that they would one day have to take care of her.

Those vows never to let anyone close has kept Christian from ever having more than a one night stand. He doesn’t want to see the one he loves in danger from the evil paranormal that his family fights on a daily basis. With his brothers recently paired up with the ladies of their dreams he knows that they will carry on the Chiasson name with their children. All he has to see to is protecting the world from the evil that they don’t even know exists and on occasion find a willing woman to warm his sheets. All this seems simple enough until he sees the Hell Hounds that are pursuing Ivy.

I giggled and rolled my eyes at Ivy and Christian so much. They were clueless that the love bug had got such a deep bite on them. Christian and Ivy were both fighting the obvious for such similar reasons. They even went into their hot and sexy tryst with a no strings talk before hand. Oh this made for some great tension while they were falling hard and fast. Fate is fickle and she has plans for this couple that get interrupted and derailed by a whole other evil.

Gay Romance

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